Rodent Damage to Critical Electrical Wiring, Contamination of Food & Spreading of Disease in Universal City, TX

Around this time last year, San Antonio, TX saw an influx of the rodent population like never before. We however, are not alone. City’s such as Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Boston and more were also plagued by an increase in rat populations as well. Rats are able to thrive in cities because they have everything they need there. Food, water sources, shelter. We literally provide hospitable environments for these rodents! It has been suggested by experts that the major increase in rodent populations we have seen has been due to warmer winters. In the winter months, rodents tend to breed less, since we have had somewhat warmer winters, rats are breeding like never before making it more difficult to keep a handle on them. One rat can make up to 200 babies in just one year! Their babies can then begin having litters in as little as two months. This is a recipe for disaster and makes acting quickly after noticing one in or around your home pertinent. The quicker you act to get rid of these unwanted invaders, the better chance you have at avoiding an infestation. With rodent season quickly approaching, we would like to discuss some of the damages rodents are responsible for in and around homes and why you should avoid letting them linger at any cost.

Rodent Damage from Chewing Electrical Wiring

Rats and mice alike are not picky when it comes to finding something to chew on. Their front teeth never stop growing, so instinctually they will chew on whatever they can get their teeth on. Electrical wires, cords, electrical panels, electrical boxes, nothing is safe when it comes to rodents. When chewing on wires, these rodents remove the wire insulation that protects the electrical wires from being exposed, damaged and exposed electrical wires pose a risk of fire which can have devastating consequences. If they are able to breach your electrical panel or boxes, they even have the ability to destroy the entire electrical system to your home.

Property Damage to Critical Building Components

For anyone who has ever had to replace an air conditioning unit, we know how expensive they are! This is not an appliance you want to replace due to rodent damage. Rodents will tunnel through duct work and air conditioning units and chew through wires, gnaw through insulated ducts, and build nests inside of air conditioning units and air returns. Not only can they ruin your unit, they will most surely contaminate the air you and your family breathe. If you hear scratching around in or around your unit, it would be wise to act quickly and call your local pest control expert.

Damage to the Structure, Contamination & Spreading of Disease

Rodents will stop at nothing to gain access to an area they deem safe to nest in. Their powerful front incisors have the ability to gnaw through wood and sheet rock. They tunnel through insulation, chew through walls and make holes to enter crawl spaces and other ground level areas. Spaces at higher elevations are not safe either. One of the most common rats found here in the San Antonio area are Roof Rats who have the amazing ability to scale walls and trees to gain access to chimneys, roofs, attics and tree tops. Not only do they cause damage to the home itself, they contaminate any surface they touch. Rats alone contaminate and destroy enough food to feed 200 million people each year around the world. Rodents leave behind droppings and urine everywhere they go. Precautions must be taken when attempting to clean up rodent nesting material, urine or feces. Sweeping can stir up airborne diseases and make you ill. Diseases such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Leptospirosis, Salmonella E. coli and many more are all carried by rodents.

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