Rodent Control Methods You Should Avoid in Balcones Heights, TX & How to Get Rid of Mice & Rats Fast!

When you hear that little scratching or scurrying in the walls, that is a pretty significant sign that a critter is there. The majority of people that are dealing with a critter have some kind of rodent living deep in the wall. Rodents are no fun to deal with and by the time you realize there is an issue you have more than you think. The most common rodents that are found inside homes are rats and mice. They are known for their destructive behavior and their very unwelcoming hygiene. They spread feces, urine and disease all over the house which can contaminate the surfaces in your home. Some people think that dealing with rodents can be a DIY project but there are some treatments that you need to stay away from. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines some treatments that you should not use to deal with rodents.

Cats are Not Effective Rodent Control

If you think you can’t possibly have a rodent issues because you have a cat you are very wrong. There are many cats that are not interested in catching mice and if they happen to get one they don’t always kill them. They might catch one and let it go before it dies which means it is right back in the wall. Even if you have a cat that will go after mice and rats does not mean that they will get them all. There are most likely rodents that are much stealthier than your cat and will stay out of sight and roaming free. If you have a rodent issue you don’t want to run out and buy or adopt a cat to deal with it. This is not a way to treat rodents to have your home cleared of these little critters.

Do Electronic Pest Repellents Work?

There is an electronic device that can be purchased and is supposed to scare off rodents. The sound is so high pitched that people are unable to hear it so it won’t bother them. The rodent on the other hand will hear this sound and send it running off. This in theory will work and will send the rodent running but it is not a permanent solutions. The rodents will get used to the sound and will just ignore it and come inside anyway.

DIY Rodent Traps

When you see a mouse or rat run by your first instinct may be to grab some traps and set them out. This is not a good idea because it takes training to know where to set them to attract and stop the rodents. You may not even know the extent of the infestation and a trap or two will not even make a dent in the issue. You are also stuck cleaning out the traps and disposing of any mice or rats that you happen to catch.

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If you want the most effective method of treating rodents such as mice and rats you need to call a professional. They will know what technique will work best and zone in on the infestation and how big of one they are dealing with. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers pest control solutions that include removing unwanted rodents from your property. Call us today!

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