Remedies to Repel & Keep Snakes & Mice They Eat Away from Your New Braunfels, TX Home

What is one of the most frightening types of wildlife that you can come across? Is it a furry little mouse? Maybe a family of squirrels? Although those are both pests that can cause damage and be a nuisance, the scare factor is not at the top of the list. A pest that can send you running is a snake! Even a rubber snake can scare someone enough to cause a panicked reaction. Now imagine heading to the garage to get a tool and there in the corner is a real life snake curled up! The biggest problem with snakes is that they are able to move fast and there is not a lot of signs that lead up to a potential strike. The other issue is that the amount of snakes that you might come across is huge and some of them are dangerous! They can be venomous and if you are bitten, can even end up being deadly. That is why you need to know what you can do to keep snakes from taking up residence in your home. They will use the cold weather as a reason to find a warm space to not only stay but also to find food. They will find the food that is also heading indoors in the cold weather.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Offers What You Can Do To Prevent Snakes From Getting In Your Home

Seal Opening Snakes Get in Your House: There is one way to prevent pests of all sorts by checking and sealing the areas surrounding your home that they can gain access. The same is true when dealing with snakes! They don’t need very much space to get in your home. That means that a gap that is under an half an inch is enough for them to sneak in. They are often looking for a warmer place to stay and somewhere that has access to food. Your home is perfect for that. If you have any ripped screens, loose siding or gaps in your windows and doors you need to do the repairs necessary. Also be cautious of your crawl space under your home as well as the garage. These places offer plenty of spots to hide while the weather passes. The bottom level of your home is not the only area to keep an eye on. There are snakes that are able to get up a tree and on the roof of your home. They can get in vents and other damaged areas if left unchecked. Take time to look for these areas of access.
Use a Local Wildlife Removal Service: If you suspect that you have a problem with snakes you want to have a wildlife removal company out. It is best to have a professional that can identify the snake and remove it safely. You also need to follow up with pest control services especially for mice. Mice are a preferred meal for snakes and if you are allowing them to be around your home, then this food source for snakes is close as well. Have your home inspected and treated for mice and other rodents to prevent snakes.

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