Reasons Why You Need to Continue Your Professional Pest Control This Winter Season in San Antonio, TX

Pest control is not something you need only after you have seen a pest. It is also not only something to employ during specific seasons or times of the year. Pest control services should be continued throughout the entire year to ensure that any pests that are in your home or trying to get in your home are taken care of. Many people think that pests are not able to live in the cold weather and will die when the temperatures drop. The problem is that it is not true. There are several types of pests that can live in the cold and will seek asylum in your nice warm home during the cold weather. That means you may notice more pests in your home when the weather is cold. That is why it is pertinent to continue your pest control services throughout the year.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Lists Reasons You Need to Continue Your Pest Services This Winter

Where Do Insects & Pests Go in the Winter Time: One of the biggest myths is that pests are not able to live through a cold winter and they die or hibernate when the temperatures get too low. The issue is that it is not true. There are many pests that are a problem all year round including in the winter. One of the pests you need to worry about are bed bugs. They are a real problem in the winter due to the increase in travel. They attach to other people’s baggage and clothing while they are in a large group of people that you may not know. Bed bugs hide indoors and as long as there is someone to feed on they will continue to live even when it is cold. Another pest that is trouble in the winter are spiders. They are cold blooded and have a protein that is called an antifreeze. This allows them to deal well in the cold.
Pests May Already Be Inside Your Home: There are others pests that may already be inside your home. Your nice warm home is a great refuge for a pest that does not like the cold weather. They can comfortably hide out from the cold and survive with nearby food and water sources. In addition to insects, some pests that do that are rodents. Mice and rats can get in your home during the fall and start nesting in the walls and attic. Once they are inside they are not going to be affected by the cold weather outside. That is a huge reason that you need to keep your pest control going in the winter. Any pests that have already taken up space in your home need to be treated and exterminated.

Year Round Pest Control Services in Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Texas.

If you want to keep pests such as rodents, spiders and bed bugs out of your home, you want to call a pest control company and set up service to continue all year round. This will ensure that when the spring comes you are not dealing with a much bigger infestation!

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