Rat, Mice, Squirrel, Porcupine & Beaver Rodent Inspection, Control & Exclusion Measure Tips in San Antonio, TX

As the cooler weather sets in so does your rodent problems. As winter rolls in, food and shelter become a top priority for rodents to find. Texas is overflowing with many different types of rodent problems from rats, mice, squirrels, the occasional porcupine, and beavers. They will all venture closer to your home in search of shelter. If unprotected, your home will become a perfect sanctuary for rodents. This is why now is the time to prepare to prevent and establish rodent control.

Exterior Home Rodent Inspection & Exclusion Tips

To begin your rodent control task, you will want to start outside. Begin an inspection of your home. Look for openings that rodents can enter. Remember that Texas has many different types of rodents ranging in many different sizes. So even a small crack can be a doorway into your home. A mouse can flatten their body and fit through an opening the width of a ballpoint pen. Once you locate any opening you will want to seal it up tight. Make sure your door doesn’t have any gaps in the weather stripping, and your windows have proper screens over them. Don’t overlook a fireplace chimney. Squirrels and other rodents can make their way into your home in these as well. You can put a mesh wiring over the top so smoke can still travel through and rodents can’t get in.

Clean Up Yard Clutter & Pest Proof Landscape

Next you will want to do some cleanup around your yard. Any wood pile or yard debris should be removed. If you use a natural wood fireplace, and keep a stack of wood nearby, move the wood stack far away from the house. Yard debris and wood stacks are an ideal place for many kinds of pests and not just rodents. Keeping the yards clean and free of clutter will make the rodent more vulnerable. This helps deter rodents from approaching your home.

Rodent Control Measures

There are multiple types of traps and bait you can use on rodents. For the large rodent like rats, squirrels, porcupines, and beaver, use traps. You will place the traps in the areas these rodents are likely to travel. Once a rodent is captured, you can call your pest control company to remove them. Mice and rat traps are tricky. These rodents can become quite picky on the food they will and will not eat. Make sure you change up the baits in the traps regularly and keep it fresh. This will help lure them more frequently. Also make sure you have a newspaper or something similar underneath for easy clean up. This also helps prevent disease from spreading. For mice, there are sticky traps. If poisons are suggested make sure other wildlife and especially your pets cannot get access to them. Keep the poisons and bait indoors. Baits and poisons should only be used on rats and mice. Don’t expose these poisons to squirrels, porcupines, or beavers. Many of these animals are protected and must be re-released into the wild rather than killed. When dealing with rodents or any other pests, it really is best to call a professional pest control company that knows local pest behaviors and laws.

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A Five Star Termite & Pest Control wants to help keep your home safe during this upcoming winter season. For more advanced protection and to ramp up your rodent control just give us a call and we’ll be there to help you.

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