Property Damage, Allergy & Health Risks of Cockroaches, Silverfish & Other Pests in Selma, TX

There are many live in guests that we share our homes with though we all wish for an insect free home. Like all creatures even insects have their place in the scheme of things. Without bees for instance we would not have many of the crops we depend on. Even the arachnids, spiders and scorpions, have their place in controlling insect populations. But most of us agree that we don’t want any these as roommates.

Insect Borne Diseases

Many insects carry disease, others like the predatory arachnids are venomous, though usually not fatal they can cause those who are susceptible to allergies to have life threatening reactions. Those that are vampiric are creepy, nobody wants to be a living meal for anything.

Annoying Bugs & Pests

Many of our insect guests are just annoying. Silverfish and earwigs are common, non threatening (well earwigs a little). Pests like dust mites, though they constitute as an allergen to some, are beneficial by consuming all the human detritus like falling skin and hair, not only from us but all that is left behind by our pets.

Are Silverfish & Earwigs Harmful?

Insects like sow bugs, the aforementioned silverfish and earwigs constitute irritants. And we all should know, for everyone seen there could hundreds not seen. Nature is fine outside, but not inside. We all should recognize the fact that an insect free interior environment is at best impracticable and at most impossible. But we do want to control the populations. Most of irritable class are prey to other classes of invertebrates. We don’t want our house to be a smorgasbord for these critters as they follow the prey inside.

Just Because You Can’t See Pests, Doesn’t Mean They Aren’t There

Cohabitation with insects is not new by any means. In England the thatched roofing that was used housed numerous insects. That is why we have canopy beds, nobody wanted them to drop in for the night. And remember, just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they’re not there. Most insects and their predators are active at night. They hunt and forage in the dark.

Property Damage Caused By Pests

Roaches particularly consume our paper and book adhesives. They eat everything. Roaches are a health hazard as the live in filth they spread filth. Some of us are allergic to them as well. Silverfish also have an appetite to book bindings, carpet, clothing, coffee, dandruff, glue, hair, some paints, paper, photos, plaster and sugar. Literally eating you out of house and home. Property destruction is the reason not to share our homes with these pests.

Allergy to American & Other Cockroach Species

Cockroaches are, well objectionable. Something about a roach triggers a very negative reaction in most of use. Opportunistic omnivores they will eat anything like cheese, beer, tea, leather, bakery products, starch in book bindings, manuscripts, hair, fleas, dried skin, dead animals, plant materials, soiled clothing and glossy paper. They are fond of fermenting foods. They carry disease causing bacteria. House dust with dried feces and body parts of dead roaches can cause allergic reactions in some people. And this is just one species; the American cockroach.

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