Prevention of Rodents in Castle Hills, TX; What Attracts to Yard, Sealing Home to Keep Rats & Mice Out & More

The rodent is a difficult pest to get out of a home once they have invaded. Mice and rats can infest a home rather quickly, cause major damages, and potentially harbor diseases. As a rodent is a major hazard in the home and can be hard to remove, it is always best to prevent rodents rather than deal with an infestation. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how to better prevent rodents from invading your home.

What Attracts Mice & Rats to Your Yard

To prevent rodents there are number of steps a homeowner should take to prevent them. As the homeowner, it is important to avoid giving rodents water, food, and shelter. Giving a rodent one of these things can result in a full on invasion soon following. To prevent rodents you must take away all food, water and shelter, both outside the home and inside the home. Rodents will often begin there invasion outside either in garbage, large piles of yard debris, or in dense vegetation. Rodents love clutter to hide and nest in. If there is food and water outside they can thrive. To begin preventing rodents you will need to keep the outside of the home clean. Never have clutter or debris on the property and especially near the home. This also includes firewood. For homes with a wood burning fireplace or fire pit, store the firewood as far away from the home as possible. Along with keeping the outside of the home clean, you will also want to maintain your landscaping. Overgrown vegetation attracts rodents. To avoid attracting these pests, keep the landscaping pruned and maintained. For those with a fruit or vegetable garden, pick up fallen fruits as quickly as possible. If you have any leaking water spouts, garden hoses, or irrigation systems, repair them to prevent providing rodents with a continuous supply of water.

How to Keep Rats & Mice Out of Your House

Keeping the outside of the home clean isn’t always enough. The inside of the home also needs to be clean and free of available food and water. Avoid having too much clutter inside the home to help reduce rodent habitats. It is even more important to avoid feeding and watering rodents inside the home. By keeping all pantry foods in containers that seal closed, you help keep your food safe from contamination and avoid feeding rodents. Avoid using thin plastics or cardboard to protect food. Rodents can easily chew through soft materials. Leaking faucets also provides a stable water source. Keep all indoor plumbing in-check and make repairs when needed to prevent leaky plumbing. For those with pets, pet water bowls and food makes rodent prevention more of a challenge. Pet food should be kept in a sealed container and it is also recommended to only feed your pet their meal and never leave food out for them constantly. However, you can try using rodent deterrents to keep them away from your pet water and food bowl.

Seal Home from Rats & Mice

As the homeowner, you will want to keep your home sealed so rodents cannot enter inside too easily. Some of the hot spots for rodent invasion is the roof, attic, chimney, doors and windows. Use a metal screen to place over attic vents and chimneys. Seal up holes and cracks as they develop and maintain tightly sealed doors and windows.

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Rodents are very determined pests that even with your best efforts may still find a way to invade your home. If you need help removing, controlling and preventing rodents around your home, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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