Prevention & Control of Rodents, Mice Diseases to Humans, Property Damage & More in Santa Clara, TX;

San Antonio, TX is home to a wide variety of mice, with house mice and deer mice most commonly becoming pests in our homes. Most infestations will occur during the winter months when they are looking for a warm place to live, but they will enter homes all year long. Mice are about three inches long, not including their tail. They are very curious creatures with poor eyesight but excellent sense of smell, taste and touch. They will hide during the day and come out at night.

Damage & Diseases from Mice to Humans

With two front teeth that are always growing, they will need to constantly chew on things which can cause many problems inside your home. Chewed electrical insulation and junction boxes can lead to electrical fires. Mice can spoil your food and carry disease. Disease can be spread through direct or indirect contact with humans. Directly through bites, contact with feces, urine or saliva, and indirectly through fleas, ticks or mites that come into contact with mice. Mice are also dirty as they like to hang around garbage cans, dumpsters, and sewers. They will soil your home through the droppings they will leave behind. Mice can slip through holes as small as a dime. That means small cracks and holes can provide a gateway into your home.

Signs of Mice in Your Walls & House

• Mice Droppings. Mice can produce 50 to 75 droppings every day. These droppings are about the size of rice grains with tapered ends.
• Rodent Tracks. Tracks left behind in dusty areas is another incitation of mouse activity.
• Mice Gnawing. Holes with chewed edges is another sign you’re dealing with mice, along with shredded paper.
• Rodent Nests. Chewed paper or fabric found in boxes, drawers or in the basement or attic.
• Mouse Sounds. Gnawing or scratching noises in walls or attics, especially at night.
• Rodent Smell. Infestations of mice typically create a musty odor.

How to Prevent a Mouse Infestation

Prevention is always an easier way to deal with mice over trying to eliminate them once they’ve made themselves at home. There are three main areas when it comes to controlling mice or rodents of any kind. The first step will involve using baits to remove existing rodents. This will be done with live trapping or death traps. The next step is to seal off any and all entry points to your home to prevent future infestations from occurring. The third step is sanitation. This involves removing any sources of food and water that might be attracting mice to your home. Food and trash needs to be contained in tightly sealed containers. Pet food also needs to be sealed and never left out overnight.

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Sanitation is the third part of rodent control and is actually the best way to prevent issues with mice in the first place. If you see one mouse, you can be sure there are many more. If you live in the San Antonio, Texas area and have spotted mice, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to provide you with complete and permanent rodent removal. Give us a call today!

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