Preventing Common Winter Season Pests in La Vernia, TX; Home Sealing, Pest Control & More

As cooler weather approaches we need to be concerned with unwanted house guests of the multilegged variety. Many insects and arachnids, such as spiders and scorpions, like to overwinter in your home. Winter weather brings a decreasing observable insect population. With warming weather conditions many have noted that there seems to be a decline in natural pest population control. More bugs are surviving winter, hibernating later and emerging earlier. Without the big die-off we are seeing more pests. The problem isn’t that the home invaders are active during the cold months, many of the adults die off during winter. It’s the explosion of insects in spring when all the eggs and nymphs emerge. Many insects lay eggs in your home because of the warmth. Predatory arachnids however stay active in the home.

Is Winter Pest Control Necessary?

Now is the time to consider winter prep before the colder weather sets in. Total eradication of most common pests is difficult, but we can control their population numbers. There are species endemic to our area, others are imported. Most cockroach infestations are imported in the packaging brought into the home while unpacking and restocking of food related items. For most of us those we share our domiciles represent every spectrum of being just pests to posing health problems. Those with allergies are particularly vulnerable. So, an aggressive solution in the winter may control springs pest explosion. True pest control is an ongoing year-round endeavor. And if you have termites they’ll munch on your homes framing the year round. So before buttoning up for the winter make sure you’re protected. Wildlife is fine in the wild but can be disconcerting indoors. Many pests, rodents and others are destructive and have horrible toilet habits again presenting health hazards along with disagreeable odors. Rats, mice and other furies are attracted to the warm cozy controlled environment of our homes.

Home Sealing & Pest Control

Weather stripping, windows that seal and any cable or other entry points, make sure they’re caulked. Securing against entry will cut down on a lot of problems. Barrier sprays also discourage unwanted house guests. The spray provides an invisible barrier that is transferred to the bug causing its demise before it can set up house-keeping. Very effective against body draggers like roaches. Some invaders can be vexing year-round like ants. Baits are the most effective, but highly toxic but non-persistent vapor sprays can penetrate to nest within the homes structure. Another thing to remember is that ants and termites are related species. You don’t want the invaders to get too established because then it becomes much more expensive to regain control.

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For effective control of pests and insects along with those creatures who in turn feed upon them you need a consistent and effective control plan provided by a pest control professional. Most pests invoke a primeval fear or disgust in us. To many roaches are revolting and scorpions and spiders are just creepy. Maybe its all those eyes, watching. A Five Star Termite and Pest Control can handle all your pest control needs. Contact us today!

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