Pigeon Problem on Roof, Porch or Balcony in Seguin, TX? Bird Repellent & Control Devices

Pigeons are one of the most hated birds by homeowners when they congregate on rooftops. They can cause major damage and even spread pests and disease. However, when pigeons roost on or are regularly found on homeowners roofs, it is often because they have found a stable source of food and water. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how homeowners can reduce pigeons and when to seek professional pest control services.

What Do Pigeons Eat in The City

Pigeons main concern is food. Therefore, if pigeons have found a stable source of food they will often return or stay around those areas and sites. Some people may have enjoyed feeding pigeons and then later regretted it. Other time’s they are clueless as to where the pigeons came from and why they are on their roof. Pigeons will eat just about anything including pet food. They will even invade gardens. Many homeowners never realize that they are intentionally feeding the pigeons which is now causing them to gather on their roof. One of the most effective methods of controlling pigeons around the home is by removing all food sources. Homeowners first need to look around their property and figure out what the pigeons could be eating. If you found what the pigeons are eating, remove or prevent future feeding. Again, pigeons eat pet food and will also take over wild bird feeders. Another major aspect is water. If you have been providing a stable water source, you will want to remove that also. This can include pet water bowls, bird baths, or even puddling from sprinklers.

How to Keep Birds from Nesting on Your Porch, Eaves & Roof

While reducing food and water can greatly deter pigeons, they may still find your house to be the perfect nesting site. To prevent birds from nesting or roosting on your home or even on commercial buildings, you will want to have the nest quickly removed. Next, cover the eaves and enclose the area with wiring or netting. Additionally, you can install spike strips along ledges, overhangs and other places pigeons tend to roost or nest.

Ovocontrol Pigeons Contraceptive

However, sometimes the natural surroundings provide everything a pigeon needs. Regardless of all the homeowner’s efforts, pigeons may remain. In 2010, a new method of pigeon control was implemented: birth control. A pigeon food was designed to prevent reproduction. A single couple can have up to 12 chicks in a single year which quickly increases their numbers. Where a pigeon’s life averages between 3 to 4 years, with the aid of birth control you can see population decline within a single year. Ovocontrol is a bird or pigeon birth control that does not require any licensing to obtain. Automatic bird feeders can be used to disperse the feed daily. With daily feeding, eggs never become fertile. As flock size dwindles, so can the daily feeding.

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If you find you need help controlling pigeons, you can contact a pest control service. There are deterrents and other bird control products to help keep pigeons off of your roof. When the homeowner does their part to help control pigeons along with the aid of the pest control service, your home can be pigeon free. For quality bird control and pest control services, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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