Pigeon Pest Control in Elmendorf, TX; Deterrents, Poop Removal, Professional Nuisance Bird Removal & More

Pigeons are everywhere, quite literally. They are attracted to areas with a food and water source, along with a good nesting ground. Unfortunately, pigeons are not only a nuisance, but they can inflict property damage and even bring disease. Their droppings comprises of acids, among other things, that can eat through your roof tile. Not only that, but they carry salmonella and a fungus that can prompt histoplasmosis. In large quantities, pigeon droppings are very unhealthy. A Five Star Pest & Termite Control would like to give you some tips on pigeon control for your home.

How to Get Rid of Pigeons & Keep Nuisance Birds Away

1. Remove any food and water sources. Pigeons eat nearly anything. If you keep pet food outside, be sure it’s in an area where the pigeons can’t get to, or the food is covered and secured. Keep the trash can lids on tightly. If you have drip systems for your landscaping, bury them. Avoid watering your grass, shrubs and trees during the day when pigeons are active. Watering them at night can contribute to eliminating the water source for them without sacrificing your foliage.
2. Chase pigeons off. Seems silly, but after about 3 days, it generally works. Shake your keys or make a similar sound, immediately throw tennis balls at them. They will associate the sound as an alarm and will take off when the sound occurs. If you can’t reach them on the roof, spray them water from the hose. Most experts say by the fourth day they are no longer nesting on your property.
3. Discard pigeon droppings. Once the pigeons are gone, be sure to clean away their droppings. If they can smell it, it registers this is their home. Mix 1 part bleach will 9 parts water in spray bottle or the garden sprayer if you have one. Be sure to wear gloves and a mask, especially if you are sensitive to the odor of bleach. Generously spray away the droppings. If the droppings is not easily removed with spraying it away, use a trowel to remove it, be sure to rinse afterwards with the bleach solution.
4. Pigeon deterrents. In any areas such as under the eaves, or vents where they can hunker down, install a screen. Be sure the wire gauge is 14, do not fasten it to the roof tiles, but to the fascia boards. Some people like the rooftop spikes, but they are rarely effective, and are often used to help structure their nests. However, once the pigeons have been evicted, placing down might give new loafers pause to perch on your roof. String is a common method. Tie string across the roof, be sure it is taut and will not falter under the weight of a pigeon, landing on string is difficult, and hard for pigeons to land, hindering their ability roost on your roof.
5. Professional bird control. If the pigeons persists, despite your personal efforts, contact a professional to remove them.

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