Pests that You Might See as You Participate in Holiday Festivities; Bed Bugs, Pantry Insects, Firewood Pests & More

You may think that since the holidays take place in the winter, there isn’t much concern for pest encounters. You would be surprised to find out there are many instances where pests might be an unwanted house guest this holiday season. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to share some tips to keep you protected from pests this holiday season.

Holiday Food Attracts Pantry & Other Pests

Some of the best parts of the holiday season include foods that are made for the occasion. The most elaborate treats and savory dishes are prepared for many holiday parties and meals throughout the season. Unfortunately, with all the delicious food, loved ones aren’t the only ones that it brings together. There are several common pantry pests that find the holiday food appealing as well. Several beetles, weevils and moths are attracted to the food that you store in your kitchen. Proper food storage is key in avoiding an infestation from pantry pests. Proper food storage is also key in avoiding any ant infestations as well as cockroaches. All of these pests contaminate the food they touch and will ruin any holiday meal no matter how long it took to prepare it.

Firewood Pests; Check that Yule Log Twice

Tis the season of fires burning and creating a cozy ambiance. Nothing screams holiday season like a cup of hot chocolate as you cozy next to a warm fire in the fireplace. Before you gather and bring in the wood for that fire, you might want to check it for pests that are using that log as a home. Termites and spiders often make their home in firewood, and you don’t want to end up bringing them into your home. A good solution to this problem is, only bringing what is needed for the day and not storing several days worth of firewood in your home. You should also give the firewood a good once over before bringing it inside too making sure you are leaving any unwanted pests outside.

Beware of Bed Bugs in Your Hotel Room When Traveling

The holidays are filled with travel in order to spend time with those we love. Before you leave for your holiday vacation, be aware of bed bugs wherever you go. Read several reviews of hotels before you choose one and thoroughly search any hotel room for signs of bed bug activity. Check the furniture and carpet in your hotel room as well as the bed since bed bugs can live and thrive in places other than a bed. Once you arrive home, you need to check your luggage for any bugs that hitched a ride with you before taking your suitcases inside your home.

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Don’t let pests ruin your holiday season. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help you avoid any pest infestations if you have spotted any pests in your home. Call for an appointment before pests contaminate your holiday party.

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