Pest Repellents & Prevention; Are You Supplying Pests with Water, Food, Shelter & Access Points into Your San Antonio, TX Home?

Does it seem like you can never seem to get control on the pest situation at your house? Sometimes it seems like no matter what you do, pests seem to find their way into your home. You may not realize this, but you might be the cause of the pest problem, albeit unknowingly. There could be problems in your home that you don’t realize are actually attracting pests. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to shed some light on ways you might be inviting pests into your house.

Supplying Pests with a Water Source

One of the biggest attractants for pests is a water source. They need water to survive and will find it at all costs. This is also an area that is often overlooked by homeowners. There may be a cute bird bath in the backyard, or a hose that has a never-ending drip. This will cause moisture that will, in turn, attract several different types of pests. If you have any leaking pipes or standing water anywhere on your property, it could be part of your pest problem.

Overgrown Branches or Shrubs Touching Your House is a Gateway for Pests

Pests that are attracted to trees and wood for a food source or hiding place, will find trees touching our home the perfect way to gain access into your house. Trees and shrubs should be trimmed at least 18 inches away from the foundation of your home. When dealing with tall trees, they need to be trimmed at least 3 feet from your roof to keep pests like carpenter ants away from the structure.

Improper Garbage Waste Storage Welcomes Pests

Pests are attracted to old, rotten food much of the time. When you have trash receptacles that aren’t covered with a tight lid, you are asking for a pest problem. Not only will you attract insects, but rodents and other wildlife as well.

Flying Insects Are Attracted to Light

Bright lights will attract most flying pests. When selecting the lights for the exterior of your home, look for lighting options that aren’t bright. Yellow fluorescent or LED lighting is the best option and will not attract near as many pests as other options.

Improper Pet Food Storage Invites Pests

Believe it or not, the food you feed your pet might be feeding pests as well. If you aren’t storing pet food in a container with a tight fitting lid, it could lead to pest problems. Another consideration to make is the cleanliness of your pet. Pets can often carry fleas and ticks into your home if you aren’t on top of treatment.

Pest Inspections, Prevention, Control, Treatment & Removal in Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Texas

Having a pest control plan with a professional pest control company like A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help prevent pest problems in your home. Having regular pest inspections will stop pests before they have a chance to increase their numbers and get out of control. We have trained technicians with the right tools to keep your home pest free. Call us today!

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