Pest Management Plan; What Kind of Bugs & Pests Come Out in the Spring in Hill Country Village, TX?

Entomologists are gearing up for the seasonal research into their favorite and for most us lest favorite subject; pests. Raccoons, rats, mice, birds, insects and other critters are preparing their assaults from the air and ground. What to do? Nature is fine, wonderful and has a beauty all its own, as long as it stays outside the house. Mosquitoes and bed bugs hunger for our blood. Termites chew on our houses and roaches eat pretty much everything else. Rodents destroy food and leave their calling cards everywhere. Birds destroy our roofing and contaminate our houses causing structural damage. Nearly all pests are potential health hazards for us, our children and pets or livestock. And when all the roaches and ants show up so do the predators; wasps, spiders, centipedes and scorpions. It is best to consult now with your ‘bug man’. The farther south you live, the earlier the better!

Pest Management Plan

Though many bugs are dormant during the winter, others are active the year around. A knowledgeable pest control service can intercede before a problem arises. If you live anywhere near stagnant water, mosquitoes will be there. Roaches and other visitors hitch a ride in landscaping materials and bulk food items. Ant queens sprout their wings and find a place to set up housekeeping. As you prepare for another gardening season aphids and other garden threats need to be deliberated. If you plan on using natural remedies of lady bugs for aphids; these considerations need to be made now as the suppliers are currently planning their inventories. If chemicals are used, what, green like botanical soaps, repellant plants to keep bugs away or aggressive compounds to knock down any malingering pests from seasons past? For food stuffs environmentally friendly usually translates into healthier solutions. Ornamentals lend themselves to more aggressive chemical responses. Pets and children are less susceptible to environmental solutions verses assertive chemical applications.

Most Common Spring Pests

Remember that your living environment starts in the house, and then extends to your yard. Ticks carry disease and are a problem in wooded areas. Keep a watch-out; one of these bugs spotted represents many, many more that are present and unseen. It is necessary to protect children pets from these predatory blood suckers. Ants are a problem everywhere, existing in nearly every climate from north to south, east to west. Of course in South American ants can be scary, being up to a inch long and march in large swarms. But fire ants, carpenter ants and odorous house ants are a problem as well. Odorous house ants forage but also capture and tend aphids and scale insects, farming them for their honeydew excretions. Carpenter ants and termites not only eat your house but nest in the wood itself. Highly destructive to the structure you need to eliminate them at the earliest opportunity. German, American and brown-banded cockroaches will be moving in as well, given the chance. The brown banded roach hitches a ride in furniture and are only found indoors, a true urban roach. They are scavengers and really like starchy items

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