Pest Management FAQ in Universal City, TX; Should I Worry About Black Ants, How Do I Keep Mice Out & More

In any field of study, to obtain knowledge, questions must be asked. Receiving the correct answers expands your education on the subject. There are times when some people feel foolish to ask the questions that weigh on their mind, or to better understand. Never accept that, as the saying goes, “…the only stupid question, is the one not asked.” There are quite a few questions asked of pest control professionals, and today we have compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding the various elements of pest control. If you do not see your question, do not hesitate to give us a call at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control, and we will answer any questions you have pertaining to pest control.

1. Are pest control chemicals and equipment safe?

– All of our equipment and chemicals used are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency when properly. As with any chemicals used to eliminate pests, they are toxic in nature, our experts know the appropriate quantities to use that’s safe around pets an children, but potent enough to destroy the pests that lurk in the darkness.

2. If my neighbor had a recent termite issue, do I need to be concerned?

– A professional inspection should be conducted in your home to ensure the termites have not spread into your abode. Being that termites are subterranean, they are capable to spreading out their colonies in a wide range. With a close neighbor being infested, it means they are present in the soil itself in the area, thus concern should be heavy, and immediate action taken to avoid costly damage.

3. Are black ants a danger to my home?

– Black ants, are more likely to be carpenter ants, which dwell within wood. Although they are not nearly as destructive as termites, they do tunnel their way through wood, especially the wood where moisture is found. Dampened wood is easier for them to navigate through. If you spy carpenter ants in your home or business, it is best to hire a professional to eliminate the problem.

4. Can I perform my own pest control?

– Yes and no. There are some pesticides that can solve a few immediate circumstance. Over long term deterrents, the DIY options wane. The pesticides readily available for purchase outside the pest control trade, are a weaker form for safety purposes, and not all insects are susceptible to their potency. To minimize the little critters invading in your home or business, hiring a professional is the better investment, and to be sure any infestations are eradicated.

5. How do I keep mice from moving into my home?

– Mice are small, and with their abilities to squeeze into tiny fissures, and climbing techniques, sealing away the obvious places is the first step. Once mice have settled into your home or business, the best method is to utilize bait traps for containment and removal.

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