Pest Inspection for Home Purchase in Timberwood Park, TX; What to Expect, Signs of Pests & More

There are many people that are choosing to move from one house to another. Buying a new house is a great way to start off a new chapter of your life. Most people have a checklist on what they are looking for. You will likely go into a space and to start to check off the things that you know you need and what you want. You should add some inspections as well to ensure that you are not moving into a home that has problems. Most of the time when you purchase a home there is an inspection done that will tell you what troubles await. You may find out that the wiring is out of date or that the AC is on its last leg. You want to add a pest inspection to the things that you do when you are looking for a home. When you get into a new house you want to avoid having an infestation that can potentially cause health troubles and more for your family.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Outlines How to Tell if an Apartment has Roaches or Pests Before You Move In

Look for Live Pests in House: This is one that should not be a surprise to you but one that should be on the top of the list. You want to look for your favorite kitchen and the best layout but you should also use some time looking for any critters that might be walking around. The best place to check is around the edges of the house and right when you walk into a space. They likely will scurry off to hide when they hear noise from a person that is coming in a room or when a light is switched on. Be diligent when you walk into a space for activity that could be from pests that are infesting the space. The most common spaces to hide pests such as mice, cockroaches, ants and more are in the bathrooms, kitchens and in the garage.
Dead Rats & Pests: When you are in just about any space that has been left empty for some time you are sure to see some dead pests. The problem is that if you are seeing a lot of dead pests around the house that are from the space species they are likely a pest that has infested the space. You want to make sure you are looking at the amount and what type of pests you are seeing that are dead. When you walk around you want to check the corners, window ledges, near the entry doors and in the basement or garage for dead pests.
Rodent & Pest Droppings: You may not notice that there are live or even dead pests around the house that you are looking at. This does not mean that there aren’t pests in the house becoming an infestation. Another way to identify a problem is from the presence of pest droppings. You can look for mice droppings, cockroach droppings or even shed skin that is left behind from pests. When you see droppings that are being left out in the open and around the house you want to use caution and be sure that the home is treated before you move in.

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