Pest Free Holiday Decorating in Cibolo, TX; Avoid Bugs in Christmas Trees & More

The change in the seasons and the weather mean that people are bundling up and getting into the holiday spirit. It is time to get out your décor for the Christmas season! One of the best family fun ways to start off the celebration is to get out your snowmen, set up the Christmas tree and hang the stockings. What you don’t want to have to deal with is having pests running around your house with your ornaments. The best thing you can do is to take care of the problem before it begins. There are some great holiday decorating tips and tricks that you can use but it can be halted if you are stuck chasing spiders and other pests around the house.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Outlines How to Prevent Pests When Decorating For the Holidays

Why Are Pests A Problem When Decorating: If you start to think about where you are keeping your decorations it will all start to make sense. After the holidays you take out your boxes and bins and all the fun lights and décor come off the walls and tables and get tucked away. The boxes are closed up and taken to the garage, attic or basement and stored there until the next year. That is a long time in an area that does not get a lot of traffic. That is why these are some of the most common areas that pests tend to start their infestation. There are many pests that would be happy to live in those same boxes and bins throughout the year. Then you bring them right in the house and unload it all! The pests come out too and wonder why they lived in the garage the entire time when your house was so close. The pests will start to get out and you can find them in your Christmas tree or down a stocking. Pests that you can and should be worried about are spiders, crickets, cockroaches and more!
How to Prevent Pests When Decorating: The best thing you can do is to firstly let the tree air out! If you get one from a lot or a box in your garage it can have pests! You need to take it outdoors and allow it to sit out overnight in the fresh air so that the pests have a chance to run off in search of a better place to stay. Never bring the tree right in the house. The other boxes you have items in, you want to allow the same time in the fresh air. Open the boxes and bins up and lay some of the items outside on a table to ensure that there are no visible pests. You can then bring them in once you have checked them thoroughly.

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You also want to be sure that your home has been recently treated for pests for the ones that may still make it in. This will stop them from getting too far or starting to infest. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers pest control services to treat your home for unwanted pests this holiday season and throughout the year.

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