Paper Wasp Nest Identification in McQueeney, TX; How to Get Rid of Wasps & Keep Them from Building Nests

There are more than 20 different species of wasps in North America and many of them are found throughout Texas. Texas is home to many different wasps. However, one particular species is found frequently, building their nest near our homes. Paper wasps often build their nests in trees and on porches. Paper wasps can be very aggressive when defending their nest and can be hard to control. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how to identify and control paper wasps.

Paper Wasp Identification

The Paper wasp that is found here in Texas ranges in color. The primary two colors are black or a reddish mahogany color with yellow markings. Paper wasps also have long translucent black wings. They have a long narrow body and can reach up to 1 inch in length. Paper wasps build their nests in higher or well protected areas. You can often find paper wasps building their nests in trees or in dense bushes and shrubs. They also will build their nest on your home, usually in the corners of patios, porches and in the eaves. Paper wasps have even been found building their nest inside the attics of homes. They will often crawl in through the attic ventilation where they then build their nest. A mature paper wasp nest is a rather elaborate hive. The earlier stage of a paper wasp hive resembles an umbrella with only a dozen or so cells. The hives are also like paper which is where the paper wasp gets their name. Paper wasps will be seen flying near homes and gardens as they eat smaller insects, caterpillars, and nectar from flowering plants. Paper wasps will fly between 900 to 3000 feet away from their hive in search of food and building materials. If you are seeing paper wasps in your yard, their nest can be within a half of a mile or closer to your home. Paper wasps won’t generally sting or harm people while they are foraging. However, paper wasps will attack anything that disturbs their nest. They can unleash painful stings and those with allergies can have a serious reaction.

How to Get Rid of Paper Wasps & Keep Them from Building Nests

When it comes to controlling a mature colony of paper wasps, it is strongly recommended to contact a professional pest control service. A professional pest control company can remove the entire hive that is found near the home or in the yard. We have protective gear and the tools to remove the wasp nest and take it away from the home. This is the quickest and simplest option to get rid of wasps. However, there are steps to controlling paper wasps before they become a major problem. Wasps die during the winter season. However, a single fertile queen hibernates during the winter and come spring, she emerges and begins looking for a safe place to lay her eggs. She then builds the first stages of her hive. During the spring it is important to watch for early wasp activity, particularly those from a queen paper wasp. They are easily identified as they are 2 ½ inches long. If you see these large wasps buzzing around your home, see if she is building a nest nearby. You will want to knock down the nest to help convince her to build her nest somewhere else. Wasps are also drawn to water sources, so avoid puddled water from sprinklers and consider covering pools, spa, or bird baths temporally.

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