Pallid Bats Eat Bark Scorpions & Aren’t Affected By Venomous Scorpion Stings in Bulverde, TX

The striped bark scorpion is one of the venomous scorpions in the U.S and Texans have their fair share of these painful stinging arachnids. Being stung by these vicious scorpions will, at the very least, leave a painful reminder that they are unwanted pests, and depending on everyone’s sensitivity and how much venom was injected, can require medical treatment (usually small children). Generally, striped bark scorpions are fairly fearsome among most critters in the pest/animal world, however, it has been recently observed that bats, pallid bats more specifically do not seem to be affected by the sting or the venom of the striped bark scorpion and we at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to take the opportunity to elaborate.

Pallid Bats Eating Bark Scorpions

Pallid bats are usually identified by their long ears that are typically equal the length of their body. As their nocturnal hunting activities have them preferring to look for ground dwelling dinners, a strategy known as gleaning often has them including a wide range of crunchy little critters, including praying mantis, crickets, and beetles. However, their indulgence for scorpions is rather intriguing and scientists have their curiosity piqued. Whether they are resistant to the animals’ agonizing toxins or simply wonder if the bats have a trick for catching scorpions that keeps them from being stung is unknown. In recent studies, the scientists believe it is the bat’s resistance to the scorpions’ toxins. Due to alterations in the voltage-gated sodium channels that the toxins target, the bats’ nonchalant attitude towards venom stems from an invulnerability to scorpion neurotoxins. To most predators the tasty reward of a successful hunt is not worth the risk of being stung or bitten by prey that is armed venom.

Are Pallid Bats Resistant to Scorpions?

There have been unconfirmed reports that pallid bats attack scorpions with little caution for years. Equipped with potent stingers that induce extreme pain and have even caused human deaths, these arachnids are considered North America’s most dangerous scorpions. Because these tiny bats are can survive such dangerous meals, the researchers at the University of California, Riverside were eager for some answers. The first fact was learning if the bats were indeed resistant to the scorpion’s venom. They witnessed Arizona bark scorpions stinging bats that went on to successfully consume the scorpions during high-speed videos of hunts and were left seemingly unaffected. In lab testing, when scorpions inject doses of the venom into bats, it has confirmed the bats resistance to venom, whereas mice convulsed in pain or died from it. The bats seemed unfazed, even with a higher dosage.

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Where bats in general are known to be fairly beneficial for their natural pest control, they can however contribute to some of their own health concerns through the diseases they can spread and the damage they can do to structures and homes. No matter if you are faced with bats or scorpions or anything in between, contact the certified experts of A Five Star Termite and Pest Control and let our team of professionals provide you with quality pest control services.

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