Roosting Bird Repellents, Deterrents & Control Methods

Roosting Bird Repellents, Deterrents & Control Methods

A Five Star Termite and Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control company that is proud to be environmentally conscious while providing effective commercial and residential pest control services in San Antonio, Texas and surrounding areas. Being fully licensed and insured, we can deliver quality services at an affordable price to keep your homes and businesses free from unwanted pests that could cause property damage, health risks, or both. A Five Star Termite and Pest Control recruits elite professionals in the field to execute safe techniques that are sure to be family and pet friendly by tough on pests. With friendly customer service, professional courtesy, and superior workmanship, A Five Star Termite and Pest Control will be your pest control expert.

Pigeon, Starling, Sparrow & Nuisance Roosting Bird Control

A Five Star Termite and Pest Control includes bird control services in the Greater San Antonio, Texas area. Some of the common nuisance bird pests in San Antonio, Texas include starlings, sparrows, seagulls, woodpeckers, swallows, crows in addition to pigeons. Some of these birds can be a real nuisance for San Antonio homes and businesses alike. They quickly damage rooftops and surrounding areas on the exterior with their nesting and roosting habits as well as the inside of unfinished space if they manage to gain entry. The birds are known to dislodge roof tiles, cause blockage in the gutters, and leave behind droppings that are highly corrosive and is riddled with diseases. Additionally, these birds also can easily carry disease insects such as fleas, mites, ticks, lice and other biting insects that increase the health risk. Not only do they cause damage and pose a health risk, but some of these birds show aggression to locals and attack whether its territorial or for food.

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In any case, when you are having an issue with the birds, call A Five Star Termite and Pest Control and let our experts help you with the infestation and deterrents to prevent future infestations.

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