Myths About Bed Bugs in New Berlin, TX; Your Home Does Not Have to Be a Disgusting Mess!

If you have ever lived through bed bugs you know that the experience can be frustrating and embarrassing. People have a misconception that bed bugs are only in homes that are filthy but that is not true. They are a pest that is hard to deal with and most people try to take care of the problem on their own to start off. This is usually just prolonging the infestation and allowing it to get bigger and worse. During that time you are sleeping with them which is just getting you bit every night that they are not eliminated. When you are dealing with bed bugs you need to know that there are some myths out there that may send you down a wrong path.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Offers Some Myths You Might Be Relying on When Dealing with Bed Bugs

Your House Does Not Have to Be a Disgusting Mess: The first misconception that you might believe is that you won’t have bed bugs if you have a clean and organized house. This is not true at all! The ways that you could come across bed bugs are enormous if you think about it. Every time you go on a trip and board a flight you could be around someone that has bed bugs. Your luggage is thrown on the flight with everyone else’s and that can be a problem for you when you go to pick up your belongings. Other areas that you can come across bed bugs are in a hotel room or at an event that people are all close together. All it takes is for you to bring home a bed bug or two and enter your home. The bed bugs will start to breed and take over your house.
Can You See Bed Bugs with the Human Eye?: There are lots of people that think that bed bugs are so small that you cannot actually see them. They are a small pest but you can see them if you know what you are looking for. They reason that they might be hard to see is because they are great at hiding. They are likely to be hiding but if you are aware of where they hide you can find them. The most likely place to find them is in the seams of the mattress. Pull the seam aside to see if there are bed bugs hiding which are small but usually stand out among the white mattress because they are dark brown.
Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Yourself?: There are some people that want to take care of the problem on their own and that is almost always a terrible idea. They are continuing to breed while you use a DIY project to get rid of them. Vacuuming them is an option that people use to collect the bed bugs but you need to be careful how you treat your vacuum after. The vacuum has lots of places for them to hide and if you don’t clean it correctly you have then given them another place to live. It is best to have your home treated for bed bugs by a professional.

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