Most Terrifying Bugs & Pests in Leon Valley, TX; Black Widow Spiders, Scorpions, Wasps, Mosquitoes, Fire Ants & More

There is something about an ugly looking insect that can leave grown men squirming and shrieking as he passes by it. On the other hand, there are many that find the little critters fascinating and will get up close and personal to discover what makes them tick. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to briefly tell you about some of the scary insects that are crawling and flying around Texas.

Scary Looking Bugs

1. Hobo Spider. Though it is not a native American, it has been found in the Pacific Northwest, and is typically hard to identify. Bites have been linked to neurotic ulcers, and should be avoided.
2. Sac Spider. Several assortments of sac spiders or creeping around the U.S. With a large round abdomen and thin legs, it has a variety of colors. They are fairly common, and are generally the source of most indoor spider bites. Sac spiders are nocturnal and only attack if provoked or feels trapped against skin. A yellow sac spider has a very fierce, stinging bite. It can cause redness and burning for up to an hour. A rash or blistering soon follows and finally swelling occurs for a few days. Several cases an ulceration has a risen. Secondary infections are also common from bites.
3. Black Widows. Hardly needing an introduction, black widows are easily spotted with black bodies and red hourglass shape on their abdomen. Known for eating her mate, the adult female can have a fatal bite. They are most aggressive when protecting their egg sac. Males are significantly smaller, and nowhere near as dangerous.The fatal bites occur in children or elderly or those with a weak immune system. The bite itself may not be painful, but the pain from the bite manifests within a couple of hours after a bite. Symptoms may include; cramping, nausea, vomiting, excessive perspiration, difficulty speaking or breathing, and even unconsciousness and convulsions.
4. Tarantulas. Tarantulas are easily identifiable, with a big furry body and thick legs. Basically the body builder of the spider family. Venom from a bite is similar to a bee sting, and only bite if caught or agitated. Some tarantulas can release a mass of hair that irritates to the nose, throat, and eyes.
5. Recluse Spider. Most U.S. citizens can easily recognize the brown recluse spiders, there are other members of the recluse spider clan that are not brown. Being a recluse, it prefers secluded areas and is nocturnal. They are small with evenly colored legs, some species carry a violin shape marking, and all come equipped with 6 eyes.The bite can leave behind skin necrosis if left untreated, but most cannot bite through clothing. The bite itself is painless for several hours after the attack, followed by intense pain and the development of a necrotic ulcer. Most of these will heal, leaving a sunken scar, but in rarely victims can suffer from kidney failure and blood clots and tissue loss.
6. Scorpions. Mostly found in the deserts of the Southwest, scorpions are also recognizable to most people. Most will only sting if pursued or feels threatened. Swelling and local stinging pain can last a few days. Only one species can be fatal, and usually only in children.
7. Browntail Moths. These guys can induce a poison ivy-like rash if touched which an last weeks. Inhaled hairs contribute to respiratory issues.
8. Bees. Bees have a painful sting if they feel their hive is threatened. Deadly to those with a bee allergy. Africanized, or killer bees are more aggressive and generally attack in swarms.
9. Wasps. Similar pain to a bee sting, it is near the same pain, but can also cause fatalities to those allergic to them. They do not however, lose their stingers and die like a bee and can repeatedly sting their victims.
10. Mosquitoes. Mostly identifiable, these creepers are linked to spreading disease.
11. Fire Ants. Their little bites a surprisingly painful, leaving a burning sting sensation. If provoked, fire ants will attack in great groups.
12. Harvest Ants. Harvest ants have a forceful bite that also feels like a stinging burn pain. The bite can spread along the lymph channels and continue for hours.

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There are countless more creepy insects crawling and flying around Texas. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control has experienced professionals highly trained to handle any infestation. Call us today to evict the pests overrunning your home and yard.

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