Mosquito Myths & Facts in Somerset, TX; Do All Mosquitoes Bite, Drinking Alcohol & More

Right now it is winter time and there are not typically any mosquitoes around to bug us. Right around the corner spring and summer will begin to warm up the air and the mosquitoes will begin to come out again. Mosquitoes can be so obnoxious when they start flying around your property. Many of the “facts” that we believe about mosquitoes are not actually true. Today A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is going to debunk some myths about mosquitoes.

Do All Mosquitoes Bite?

Most people believe that both male and female mosquitoes bite. This is simply a myth. Only female mosquitoes bite humans. Female mosquitoes need the blood from humans to reproduce. The protein that is in the blood is necessary to create their eggs. Male mosquitoes only eat plant matter. Males frequently sustain themselves on nectar from flowers.

Does Drinking Alcohol Increase Likelihood of Mosquito Bites?

There have been debates on whether or not consuming alcohol makes you more likely to be bitten by a mosquito. Some studies have shown that if you drink a few beers that mosquitoes might be more likely to bite you. One study showed that just 12 ounces of beer will make you more likely to be bitten by a mosquito. There are probably not enough studies on this topic to consider this fact or fiction.

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite My Husband & Not Me?

All people can be bitten by a mosquito but mosquitoes actually do indeed prefer larger people over smaller ones. The larger people are the more carbon dioxide and body heat that they emit. This heat and carbon dioxide attract mosquitoes. Larger people also have more surface area for the mosquito to bite. Consequently adult men are the most likely to be bitten by a mosquito.

Do Colors Attract & Repel Mosquitoes?

Most people do not believe that what color you are wearing will affect your likelihood of being bitten by a mosquito. Studies have actually shown that mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors. Most insects are drawn to human prey that is close in color to the insects that they will usually prey on. Mosquitoes prey on dark-colored insects so they will look for dark colors in their human prey as well. To best avoid being bitten by a mosquito it is recommended that you wear light-colored clothing. They also recommend that you wear loose clothing. Loose clothing will make it harder for the mosquito to bite you.

What Blood Type Do Mosquitoes Like?

You have probably heard someone say “mosquitoes eat me alive because my blood is so sweet.” You may also have heard people say the same thing about being Type O blood. Mosquitoes do not differentiate between blood types when they are picking their prey.

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Hopefully you have learned something new about mosquitoes today as you read this blog post. If you end up with mosquitoes in your yard you will definitely want to get rid of them quickly so that your family does not continue to end up with mosquito bites. Give A Five Star Termite & Pest Control a call and we can help you come up with a plan for how to get rid of the mosquitoes on your property.

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