Keep Mice Out of Your Home to Prevent An Infestation; Food They Like to Eat, Mouse Rodent Holes, Access Points & Hiding Places in Your San Antonio TX House!

If you have ever heard about a book called “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie”, then you have an idea about how easy it is for a mouse or a family of mice to set up home in your house. The story is a children’s book that is meant to entertain but the truth behind it is still there. A mouse will come in to your home for a cookie but even more that that they will be happy with a few crumbs. It doesn’t take leaving an entire snack out to entice them into your home. Mice are very small are willing to eat crumbs and small bits of food that they find under cabinets, in sinks and around the table and kitchen. The thing with mice is that they are east to miss. They are usually pretty small and can stay hidden for some time. They are prone to hiding when they sense even the smallest amount of noise or commotion and will come out only when the coast is clear. That means that they may have a well-established nest and food collecting process before you even realize they are there. That is why rodent prevention is the key and the best way to keep your family safe from these nasty little rodents.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists ways you can prevent mice from getting into your house.

Mice are known to carry disease and bacteria that can be harmful to people all around. They can be spreading the disease and bacteria just by simply walking around surfaces that you then touch. They can also cause trouble for people that have asthma and allergies with trouble breathing.
Food Mice Like To Eat: If you want to stop any kind of pest including mice from getting in your home you want to stop enticing them. You can keep mice from sniffing out food by cleaning up after each meal. Take time to wipe down counters, sweep the floors, and clean off the dishes. Remember that even the smallest bit of food can be a real meal for a small mouse family. Never leave food out and always seal up left overs tight in a closed container of zip seal bag. That will ensure that the mice don’t have food and will in turn send them on their way.
How to Keep Mice Out of Dog & Pet Food Bowl: Pet food is hard to keep a good eye on but you want to feed your pet just enough that they will finish it. Do not leave any food out overnight. Also be sure that you seal the bag of food up or put it in a separate container that has a lid. Extra bits of pet food out will not only attract mice but other pests as well.
Seal Off Mice Holes & Entry Points: You can take some time to look around the exterior of your home and find areas that a small mouse could fit and possibly get in. They can usually fit in a space the size of a nickel so you need to look carefully. You can use silicone or caulking in any gaps that might be used as an entrance to your home. Contact us today for all your rodent and pest control needs!

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