Is the Bite of the Yellow Garden Orb Weaver Spider Venomous in Converse, TX? Identification, Web & More

The yellow garden orb weaver spider, or mostly known as the Yellow Garden spider, is a common spider found in Texas. These spiders mostly like to spend their days outside. However from time to time they will enter our homes or spin their webs on the outside of the home. As these spiders get closer they can pose a threat. These spiders are considered aggressive and will bite anything larger than them if they get too close. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share more about this common spider and how you can protect your home from them.

Yellow Garden Orb Weaver Spider Identification

Yellow garden orb weaver spiders are fairly easy to identify as they have that large round abdomen that is yellow with black and white markings. The yellow garden spider has a thin cephalothorax and dark striped colored legs. Yellow garden spider females are large and can reach up to ¾ of an inch long. The males are smaller in size. Even so, some can grow also most as big as some females. The Yellow Garden spiders are web builders that create those classic circular sheets. Their webs are often thicker in the center and they will make a funneling tunnel off to the side of the web where they will hide. Yellow garden spider webs can reach around two feet in diameter.

Yellow Garden Spider Web

Yellow garden spiders like to protect themselves from larger predators and from the wind as the wind can damage their webs. They like to build their web in tall grassy areas or around dense vegetation. They will also build their web along the outside of our homes and most commonly along the corners of porches and eaves.

Bite of Yellow Garden Orb Weaver Spiders

One of the many concerns of yellow garden spider is their bite. These spiders have large fangs and their bite can feel like a severe bee sting. These spiders produce venom that is harmless to humans, but helps to immobilize prey like flies, bees, and other flying insects that are caught in their web. However, for the elderly as well as the young, the yellow garden spider venom can compromise the immune system and medical care may be needed.

How to Keep Yellow Garden Orb Weaver Spiders Away

Yellow garden spiders can be hard to control. Your best defense is to keep your yard and the direct perimeter of the home spotless. Starting around the yard keep the lawn cut and vegetation trimmed. Yellow garden spiders love dense vegetation in which to build their web. By keeping trees, bushes and shrubs trimmed, they are less likely to want to build their webs in your yard. When vegetation is limited they will settle on cluttering objects. By keeping the first five feet of the home’s perimeter clean and free of clutter, spiders as well as their prey will reduce and in turn, less pests will be around your home. To keep yellow garden spiders outside make sure that you maintain your home and keep it secured. This will involve sealing up cracks and gaps along the outside of the home. Pay close attention to windows and doors as they often have the biggest gaps. Cover the attic ventilation as well as the chimney with fine mesh and you will have less pests inside your home.

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