Is Professional Pest Management Worth It or Should I Do My Own Pest Control in Adkins, TX?

There are many people who like to use a professional pest control service to help protect their home or business from pests and there are many who like to do their own pest control. As you can imagine, there is an ongoing debate as to the effectiveness of DIY versus professional pest control, A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to shed some light on this debate and help provide a few answers as to how to properly protect your home and business from pests.

Cost of Pest Control Services

DIY Pest Control: Many will do their own pest control to help save more money. Even though pesticides are cheaper at your local stores, they are also much weaker. Most commercial grade pesticides require frequent reapplication to provide proper effectiveness.
Professional Pest Management: Professional pest control services tend to cost more than DIY pest control. However, in most cases it is mostly initial investment, while many pest control services provide quarterly services. Their fees, in the end, isn’t much more than spending the money on your pesticide, baits and traps. Additionally, professional pest control offers service for multiple types of pests. (Each company’s licensing varies.)

Convenience of Professional Pest Management

DIY Pest Control: When it come to convenience it is fair to say doing your own pest control isn’t convenient at all, as new types of pests means you’re constantly needing to repel different pests and more often.
Professional Exterminators: Professional pest control services make pest control much more convenient. They come to your home ask you what pest is giving you trouble and tailor the treatment to your pest control needs. Most pest control companies offer contract and regularly scheduled visits to maintain an effective pest control program.

Knowledge of Pest Control Safety

DIY Pest Control: Pesticides are a chemical and it is also fair to say chemicals pose risks. It is important to be knowledgeable about how to safely apply pesticides. Poisonous baits are also very risky. For those who are doing their own pest control it’s important to know how to safely and effectively use pest control products.
Professional Integrated Pest Management: A benefit of using a pest control service is that the pest control specialist or exterminator are trained in safety and proper use of the chemicals, baits and trap. Pest control companies must certify their service men and can only provide services that they are licensed and trained to handle. Professional pest control personnel are both knowledgeable and know what method to use to control the different types of pests.

Pest Control Effectiveness

DIY Pest Control: Many will say that DIY pest control is less effective than professional pest control. This isn’t true. With proper due diligence and regular application and knowledge a person can protect their home from pests. However, commercial grade products are much weaker and some pests, such as scorpions and cockroaches, can build up a tolerance to certain types of pesticides. Therefore, even professionals will change the formula over time because some pests can develop tolerance or in some cases, outsmart some pest control methods.
Professional Pest Services: If you want an effective pest control program then use a professional service. However even a professional pest control service can fail. Failures do occur when the homeowner doesn’t play their part in their home pest control. In truth an effective pest control program is best when combined with a professional pest control service and a dedicated homeowner. The homeowner does play a major role. For example, the homeowner should maintain clean and manicured yards and avoid clutter outside or around their home. Most pests don’t like a clean home with very little clutter. The homeowner should also keep food sealed and all plumbing in good condition to prevent feeding pests. With both the efforts of a professional pest control service and a dedicated homeowner you can have an effective pest control program.

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