Is it Hard to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles in China Grove, TX? What Damage Can an Infestation Do & More?

Homes throughout Greater Austin, TX often have carpet that can become a target for carpet beetles. Carpet beetles can infest carpet for a long period of time before their presence even gets noticed. Carpet beetles can also be difficult to get rid of and control. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share how to identify and get rid of carpet beetles that invade your home.

What Do Carpet Beetles Look Like?

Carpet beetles can go unnoticed until you discover those bald spots all over your carpets. Carpet beetles are very small, only reaching up to 1/8 to ΒΌ on an inch in length. They look somewhat like a ladybug. They are oval shaped beetles that are dark in color with light spots that are white and yellow and sometimes they can have orange spots. Carpet beetle larva is light brown and are covered in barbed hair, kind of like a caterpillar. Unless you happen to be digging around inside your carpet and see carpet beetles or their larva, the only sign of their presence is bald spots on the carpet.

What Damage Does a Carpet Beetle Do?

Carpet beetles thrive in homes. Adult carpet beetles will fly into the home and lay their eggs on furniture or directly on the carpets. Carpet beetles will feed on various materials such as leather, wool, silk, pet hair, and felt. If they are left unattended, they can quickly reproduce and greatly infest a home. Carpet beetles can destroy carpet, furniture, and curtains. They can also cause indoor allergies as they shed their skin and leave behind feces. Larva can also cause skin irritations if they happen to come in contact with the skin. Even though the effects of the carpet beetle is considered minor, they should still be controlled.

How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles?

To get rid of carpet beetles, begin by cleaning up the inside of the home. You will want to have the carpet and upholstery deep cleaned to help remove as much of the beetle population as possible. Next, using the wash machine, wash all curtains and linen that was in the area exposed to the beetles with hot water. You will want to eliminate all possible food sources which can be very difficult as they eat fabric and hair. However, put away linens in a plastic bag that is sealed when not in use. Clean and put away any loose towels, or cloths and clothing. Next you can use sticky trap baits along the edges of the carpet to help kill all pests, including carpet beetles. Another way to get rid of carpet beetles is by chemically treating the home. There are some chemical treatment that can be applied to the effected areas that won’t harm household members. You can spray surfaces such as furniture, carpets, and curtains to help kill carpet beetles in your home. You can also contact a professional pest control service that can help control carpet beetles. A professional service can come in and apply professional grade pesticides inside the home that can kill adults as well as larva and eggs.

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