Is Bat Poop & Urine Dangerous to Humans? Needed Removal of Bats in Attic of House in Universal City, TX

There are many bat species found throughout Texas and there are ten different bat species that make a regular appearance in both rural and urban environments. Bats are well known for their pest control benefits. Some species are endangered and are protected. Without bats we would have a greater pest problem than ever. However, even though bats play a major role in controlling pests, they can carry diseases and some will even invade homes. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share more about bats and some of the best ways to control them as well as when to seek professional bat removal services.

Bat Infestation Dangers

For some people, bats are a welcome species. They help to control pests while other species help to fertilize, spread seeds and even pollinate flowering plants. Many people in Texas not only welcome bats, they will build bat houses for the bats to live in. Bat feces also act as a great fertilizer for farm produce. As the bat’s natural environments are becoming encroached by humans, bats are having a harder time finding a home to raise their young. At times bat will invade homes, particularly the attic where they will roost during the day. Bats can carry fleas and ticks and their feces, known as guano, can contain diseases and pests. Bats can also cause major damage to the attic and roof. As bats hibernate in the winter, they will look for a warm place to roost for the winter season. Again, an attic provides insulation and a perfect place to keep the bats warm during the winter season. As fall grows ever closer, homeowners need to begin securing their home and prevent any possible bats from roosting in their attic.

How to Keep Bats from Attic & Roosting Under Eaves

When bats invade homes they will locate small holes they can crawl through. As there are many different types of bat in Texas, they all will vary in size. However, you will only need to focus on the smallest species as you will keep the other bat species out at the same time. One bat is very small. It is about the size of a humming bird. This means any holes the size of a quarter can potentially allow bats into your home. To keep bats out of your home you will need to cover gaps and cracks in the attic. Cover attic ventilation with a fine wire mesh. You will want to maintain your home’s roof as well repair any roof damage that bats will attempt to climb through. Make sure to maintain your roof and repair even the smallest damage to keep bats out. You may find some home remedies to keep bats from roosting under eaves such as hanging bags filled with mothballs but these aren’t always effective. Call a professional wildlife removal expert for further assistance.

How to Tell if You have a Bat Infestation

When bats do invade a home, they will give signs of their presence. Bats will make noise that you can easily hear. Not only will you hear them flying or crawling around, they will also make whining or clicking noises. Bats will also deposit large amounts of guano which will have a strong ammonia odor. At the site the bats are using to enter the home, they will leave dark stain from the grease on their fur coat. Bats will also leave their roosting sites at dusk to feed. You will see the bats leave your home during this time. When bats are present inside the home you will need to have them removed and relocated.

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