Is a Spider an Insect or an Arachnid? How Do I Identify Different Pests in Converse, TX

When you are looking at a pest in your home the last thing that you are probably wondering is what kind of pest is it? There are several types of pests from rodents, beetles, cockroaches, ants, spiders and much more. If you want to have the most effective pest control done you want to be sure to tell the pest control technician about the pests that you are seeing so that they can best treat the problem. You may not know the exact species of pest that just ran across the floor but you can tell if it is a bug, insect, arachnid or rodent. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines some of the differences between insects, bugs, arachnids and rodents and how you can tell them apart.

What Animals are Classified as Rodents?

A rodent is usually one that you can tell right off the bat. They consist mainly of mice and rats but can also be squirrels, hamsters and porcupines. They stand out from other pests in your home because of the size of them and the fact that they are usually covered in fur. The other thing that may set them apart are their large incisors. They chew away constantly and their front teeth continue to grow.

Is there a Difference Between a Bug & Insect?

This is a tricky set of words because the fact that some insects are a bug but not all. There are some insects that can be considered a bug but most people use the word as a less distinct word that naming it a particular name or species. There is one main difference between a pest that is considered a bug and not just an insect. The mouth on a bug is used for sucking and insects are not. The proboscis is the part of the bug that is used to get the juice from plants or blood from people and animals. You cannot be confused by the name since many have bug in the name and not considered a bug at all but an insect. Some of these are the pill bug and ladybug. The biggest way to tell that you are looking at an insect is their three part segmented body and six legs.

What are the Types of Arachnids?

This is an entirely different type of pest from a bug, insect or rodent. The pest that is most thought about when you are looking at an arachnid is the dreaded spider! A spider is one of those pests that are the scariest to come across even though they tend to help your insect and bug problem by feeding on them. Other arachnids include daddy longlegs, scorpions, mites and ticks.

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