Is a Paper Wasp Dangerous? How Do You Prevent Wasps from Building Nests in Cibolo, TX?

Paper wasps are prevalent across all areas of the United States and renowned for their intricate nests made of paper-like material resembling umbrellas. These nests are made by mixing saliva with wood and plant stems which are then used to construct the nests. Paper wasps are not particularly social and tend to live in small colonies. There are approximately 22 types of paper wasp species in the United States. Other wasps that are similar to paper wasps include hornets and yellow jackets.

How Do You Identify Paper Wasps?

Paper wasps look very similar to other species and are often mistaken for yellow jackets as their markings, size, and shape are similar. On closer inspection, you will notice that paper wasps have a thinner torsos than yellow jackets. Paper wasps are primarily brown with yellow bands. Some species of paper wasps have bold bands of color, including red. Paper wasps typically build nests around homes high up in the eaves, porches, window and door frames, under decks, railings, and trees. Some species of paper wasps make nests underground.

Are Paper Wasps Dangerous?

Paper wasps can be dangerous to those individuals prone to allergic reactions from venom. For some people, a single sting can be life-threatening. The good news is that, unlike other species of wasps, paper wasps are generally not aggressive and will only sting if the nest or queen is threatened, particularly during the fall weather. If you inadvertently disturb the queen, there is a good chance you will get stung.

How Do You Prevent Paper Wasp Nests?

Prevent a paper wasp infestation by making your property appear less desirable to stinging insects. Avoid getting stung by examining shrubs and bushes for paper wasps’ nests before trimming them down. If you have fruit trees on your property, check them carefully for nests before picking fruit. Seal any cracks around windows and doors using caulk, and repair or replace any damaged window and door screens. Keep doors closed and secure to prevent paper wasps from entering and taking up residence inside your home. When spending time outside, cover food and drinks and thoroughly clean up after outdoor barbecues and family gatherings. Be sure to remove all traces of food, especially spilled drinks. Avoid feeding pets outside whenever possible, make sure your trash can has a well-fitting lid, and check the grounds around the home’s exterior for holes. Keeping food protected outdoors will also keep other nuisance pests away from your gatherings. Avoid wearing strong-smelling perfumes and using body care products. Strong odors attract wasps and other stinging insects.

DIY VS Professional Pest Control

Our experts at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control understand how difficult it is to remove paper wasps from your property. An infestation of nuisance paper wasps can make working around your home and yard extremely difficult, and if you inadvertently disturb the nest, you will surely get stung. Never attempt to eliminate stinging insects alone. This service is best left to your professional pest specialists.

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