Insect & Pest Identification in San Antonio, TX; Common Pests Found Include Ants, Mosquitoes, Roaches & Spiders

When it comes to pest control most people assume they are good until they see a pest. The problem with that is pests are really sneaky and are able to easily hide in walls, under furniture and outside during the day. There are some pests that are only around when the weather is right for them but there are some pests that are found all year long. Regardless of the type of pests you are dealing with you need to be sure that you keep up on your pest control to keep pest populations at a minimum. Knowing your area and what kinds are most common can help you know what to look out for.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control List Common Types Of Pests Found in the State of Texas

Mosquitoes: This is a pest that is a problem during parts of the year that are hot and humid. Mosquitoes are a blood sucking pest that can be a danger to people if they are bitten. The mosquito has been known to carry diseases that can easily be transmitted to a person with a single bite. Standing water is the most common area to find mosquitoes which can be a dripping hose or a trough of water for an animal. A mosquito is a mosquito to most but if you want to be exact, there has been about 85 different species of mosquitoes that have been found in the state. There are some ways to control and prevent mosquitoes but a great option is to hire a pest control company that has a proven defense system like A Five Star Termite & Pest Control.
Ants: You may not think there are many different ants around but there are over 200 species of ants that are found in the state. The problem is that the ants are found in colonies that reach the thousands which means an infestation can be massive. There are some ants that are a problem like the red fire ant. They have a bite that is painful and once they start to bite it is usually several at once. If you see ants in your home it is futile to just squish the ants you see. The pest control company can come out and treat the infestation at the source to eliminate the entire colony.
Cockroaches: There are about 30 species of cockroaches that have been found in the state of Texas. They are a nasty pest that is hard to deal with because they are sneaky and can stay hidden. The biggest problem with cockroaches is that they breed really fast and we have what they need. They can get food, water and shelter in our homes and they do. They invade homes and transmit bacteria that can make people sick.
Spiders: Now for a scary number! There are over 900 species of spiders that are found in the state of Texas. Spiders are generally feared and hated by most people and that could be for good reason. There are some spiders that are venomous and can inject a dangerous toxin such as the Black Widow and Brown Recluse spiders. Most spiders are actually helpful and will eat other pests found around your home but most people still would rather do without their pesence.

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