Insect & Pest Allergy Symptoms & Treatment in San Antonio, TX; Allergic to Stinging, Biting & Shedding Pests

There are lots of people that have an allergy to something that could send them needing the help of a health care professional. This can be anything from foods to what is in the air around you. You also can have allergies to things like pests. Most people are aware that you can have some kind of allergic reaction to a bee sting. If you have been diagnosed with an allergy to a bee sting you know about it and have a remedy at hand in case. The interesting thing is that there are lots of pest allergies that people can have and you may not even realize the effect that it can have on your life. You want to make sure that you know what to look for when it comes to allergic reactions and triggers for allergies and asthma. A Five Star Pest & Termite Control outlines what you need to know about allergies and pests.

Allergic Reaction to Scorpions, Fire Ants, Bees or Wasps

One of the top type of pests that people are allergic to and have a more severe allergic reaction to are stinging pests. They are pests that usually come out in the spring and summer months when the temperature warms up. The pests in this category are usually bees, wasps and fire ants. These are all pests that have the ability to sting you and inject a toxin into your body. The toxin is what you are actually allergic to. The toxin can get in your blood stream and if you are allergic can cause a skin irritation all the way to difficulty breathing and even death. These types of pests are often near a source of food that can consist of plants and food that is left out. The flying and stinging pests are keen to be near some water source such as a lake, river and even your swimming pool. It is a good idea to know that these can create an allergy that can become serious.

Mosquito, Spider, Tick, Flea, Bed Bug Bite Allergy

There is another category of pests that usually do not carry the same level of allergic reaction if you come in contact with them. These are pests that tend to bite if they are threatened or as a way for them to feed. This group contain bed bugs and fleas. They will attach to the skink and start to feed on your blood. The most common allergy that comes from them are a rash and itchiness around the bite. This is attributed to a bug bite in general but it is considered a level of allergy as well.

Allergies to House Pests

Lastly you can have allergies to the pests that roam around your house. These include cockroaches, dust mites and even rodents. They leave behind their fur, saliva, feces and exoskeleton that can get in the air and cause irritation to a person that has allergies and even asthma. It is best to have your home treated to remove these types of pests and keep your air quality up.

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