Importance of Bats to Community But Roosting Bat Pests are Considered Pests in Staples, TX

Bats can be good neighbors until they move into your home. Texas is home to three species of bats. One of which is the vampire bat. They are called vampire bats because they drink blood. You’ll be happy to know that it’s not usually human blood they’re looking for. They will drink the blood of herbivores at night. You might think have long fangs because of the way Hollywood depicts vampires, but they actually have razor sharp teeth that are somewhat flat. They use an anticoagulant after they bite so the blood will continue to ooze so they can eat for as long as they like.

Bats are Important to Human Survival

Bats are responsible for controlling pests like mosquitoes, from getting out of hand. Even though they are useful, they’ve gotten a bad reputation of being associated with the supernatural and are often referred to as “flying rats.” Bats will consume mosquitoes around your home that are active at dawn and dusk. You may even want to consider installing a bat box if your property has become overrun by mosquitoes.

When Bats are Considered Pests

When bats make their way into your home, you have a problem. Bats like to roost in high or dark places that are warm, like the walls and attic in your home. These areas of your home offer a dry, safe place to sleep, rear their young, and stay warm. They will get into your home underneath eaves, chimneys, open spots in roofs, or through small holes. Bat droppings can leave stains inside and outside your home and come with a strong, offensive odor. Droppings can also contain a fungus known as histoplasmosis, and their urine can leave a horrible stench that will linger in your home. Histoplasmosis can lead to serious illness that attacks the lungs. Bats can also carry rabies. Rabies can be transmitted to other animals and people through bites. Rabies can be deadly of left untreated. Bats can also leave parasites in your home. Bat mites and bat bugs are pests that look a lot like bed bugs. Bites from these parasites can be problematic but not fatal. Bats can also be quite noisy as they chirp and scratch.

Bat Prevention Services

Fortify your home before bats become a problem. Seal up any openings that bats may use to get into your home and ensure your roof is in good shape so there are no openings. You also need to remove food sources. Bats are attracted to mosquitoes and mosquitoes breed in standing water. If you have standing water on your property, remove it. Timing is everything when it comes to bat exclusion. If you do it wrong, you may end up with more bats. Exclusion needs to be done after young bats have left your home and after adult bats have left for the night. You do not want any bats to become trapped in your home. If females are separated from their young, they will continue to try and get back in and cause damage to your home.

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