If You Find a Black Widow Spider in St Hedwig, TX, Are There More? How to Get Rid of Spiders

Black widow spiders are well known for being one of the most venomous spiders to humans. Where their bites are harmful and often require medical treatment, they do serve their purpose outside of the home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share more about black widows spider and how you can prevent them from invading your home and around your yards.

Black Widow Spider Identification

Black widow spiders are well known for the jet black coloring and bright red hour glass shape on the underside of their abdomen. However, females are the one that carry this trait. Male black widow spiders look much different. The male are much smaller. They are almost a third of the size of females. Additionally, their coloring is varied. They may be black with red, yellow or orange markings on top or underneath their abdomen. They are even sometimes a tan and cream color with white markings and even the famous hourglass marking. Some of the shared identifiers are their small cephalothorax and large round abdomen. However males can have a smaller abdomen that is oval shaped. Each species of black widow varies.

Black Widow Spider Bite Stages

One of the advantages of being able to distinguish the difference between the male and females is that the females are the ones that carry the threatening venom. Male’s venom doesn’t affect humans like the females venom where it can be a life threatening problem. However, a black widow spider bite, even the female’s bite, isn’t as lethal as many people make it out to be. In many cases a black widow spider bite doesn’t require treatment and after a short period of time a person can fully recover. However, it is strongly recommended that you seek medical aid if bitten, to help prevent nerve damage. Sometimes a person is sensitive and may have a severe reaction.

Where Are Black Widow Spiders Found?

Black widow spiders aren’t usually seen very often. In most cases, people just see their messy strands of silk that many people assume is an abandoned web. However the spider isn’t very far way. Black widow spiders retreat during the day, typically in a small or dark hole near their web. At night they come out to hunt. Therefore, most encounters occur during the night time or when they are accidentally disturbed. The one benefit of having a few black widow spiders around is that they will eat a lot of the other pests and even harmful spiders that may be around your home. However, due to their threatening bite, it is important to reduce the black widow population around and inside your home.

How to Prevent Black Widow Spider Infestations

One way to reduce black widow spider population around your home is to go outside at night, and use bug spray to kill the unwelcome resident. It is also recommended that you prevent spiders from entering into your home. Make sure doors, windows, dryer and attic vents, and chimneys are properly sealed. Additionally, make sure you maintain a year around pest control program. With spring here, you will begin to see more spider activity and by summer they will be everywhere. Make sure you protect your home now before a summer infestation occurs.

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