Identification of Common Spiders in Your Live Oak, TX House; Texas Recluse, Brown Widow & More

Texas is full of insects and spiders that inhabit your yard and will try to invade your home. One pest that no one wants in their home is spiders and Texas is full of them. Spiders do play their role outside of the home. They help to reduce insects and the other spider populations they prey on. Many of these insects can cause harm and illness. However, spiders should be kept outside and not found wandering inside your home. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share some of the most common spiders found inside our Texas homes.

Texas Recluse Spider

There are eleven species of recluse spider found in American and six are found in Texas. The Texas recluse spiders are one of the most common of the recluse spiders, followed by the brown recluse spider. The recluse spider family is known to harbor a toxic venom. The Texas recluse spider is a light tan color with a fiddle marking in the cephalothorax.

Brown Widow Spider

The brown widow spider is a cousin to the black widow spider and is beginning to take over black widow spider territory, especially here in Texas. Brown widow spiders are becoming more of a common sight. They are not as harmful as black widow spiders but they do have a venomous bite that can affect the young and elderly. Brown widow spiders have the same appearance but are lighter in color and often brown with pale markings on their abdomen. They still have the same hourglass mark on their underbelly, but that marking can vary from red, to orange and yellow.

Woodlouse Hunter Spider

The Woodlouse Hunter spider is not a venomous species and don’t cause harm to human when bitten. The woodlouse hunter spider does have over sized fangs. The bites aren’t venomous and they don’t hurt. Woodlouse Hunter spiders are aggressive and they will bite if provoked. They are easily identified by their oval cream colored abdomen and the deep red or maroon colored cephalothorax.

California Wolf Spider

This large species of spider is often confused with a tarantula due to the furry surface and size. However, the California wolf spider is a hunter spider. Usually the male will wander inside the home when looking for a mate. The females typically stay outside and hide in her burrow. Wolf spiders will bite when provoked. Their bites aren’t harmful but they are painful and the pain can last for days.

Long Bodied Cellar Spider

Often called a “daddy long legs” the long bodied cellar spider is often seen hanging upside down on the ceiling. The long bodied cellar spider is great at catching flies and other smaller insects. They are often found in sheds, garages and occasionally inside the home. They aren’t harmful to humans and rarely bite. Their fangs are small and in most cases people don’t even notice when they do bite.

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This is but a short list of common spiders seen around homes and yards in Texas. Many should be controlled to ensure a safer environment. If you have spiders crawling around your home and need a quality pest control service, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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