Identification & How to Get Rid of Confused & Red Flour, Boll Weevil & June Beetles in Leon Valley, TX

Typically the beetles that we deal with in Texas are the confused flour beetle, the red flour beetle, the boll weevil and the June beetle (or June bug). You may want to learn how to determine which beetles you’re dealing with because some of them can pose a danger to you and your family.

Beetle Identification Chart

Confused Flour Beetle– This beetle can measure ⅛ of an inch and has a flattened body that is long and reddish brown in color. It can look shiny, but has wing covers that are grooved and have punctures dotted over them. They will infest stored food items like spices, legumes, dried fruits and nuts, grains, chocolate, cereal and other products.
Red Flour Beetle– Similar to the confused flour beetle because they are the same size. They appear dark brown or red in color and have antennae on their heads. They also have wings but can only fly short distances. They will infest flour, as their name implies, and will feed on whole grains and kernels of corn. While they will cause no physical harm to people, they can certainly contaminate food with their bodies as they emit an odor and flavor that is disagreeable to the flour they infest.
Boll Weevil– This beetle is smaller, measuring about ¼ of an inch long and is reddish-brown in color. The cotton boll weevils feed on cotton buds and flowers. They can be serious pests to plants and have cost the US cotton industry billions of dollars in damage since they were introduced into the country in 1892. The rice boll weevil will damage and destroy seed products and other weevils will come into homes to spend the winter. This causes stress for homeowners when their numbers get large.
June Beetle– June bug is another name for these beetles and they can be ½ an inch to ⅝ of an inch long. They look like they have a smooth reddish brown body. The adults will try and enter homes as they are attracted to lights. The larval stage of the beetles will feed on grass and can destroy the roots. This will cause grass to turn yellow and die. They cannot harm you but are a pain to deal with.

How to Prevent Beetles

Having beetles in your home gives you an uneasy feeling and beetles can cost you money when they infest your home, especially flour beetles and boll weevils. So how can you keep them away? Inspect items that come into your house for signs of beetles!
– When you buy groceries, make sure you only select items that are completely intact. Don’t buy items that have holes or rips.
– Store items that come in soft packing in hard plastic containers with lids that fit tight.
– If you notice any beetles in your home, place the infested product in the freezer to contain the infestation. After the product and the pests have frozen, throw it away outside your home.
– Turn outdoor lights off at night and cover windows with drapes or blinds to block light out, making your home less attractive.

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No one wants to see beetles in their home. Contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to come in and assess the problem. We will perform an inspection, identify the beetle species you’re dealing with, come up with a plan to get rid of them and help keep them from coming back!

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