I Think I have Bed Bugs but Can’t Find Any in China Grove, TX? How Far from Bed Do They Hide?

There are some pests that are an annoyance, some that cause damage to your home, some that are problematic when it comes to your health and others that people just fear. Spiders make the list of pests that people are scared of. Some of the pests that cause damage are termites and even rats and mice. Cockroaches are a problem when you have health concerns such as asthma and allergies. There are lots of pests that fit within these types of categories but when it comes to bed bugs they seem to fit many of them. Bed bugs are a pest that is hard to treat and takes the skills of a professional that has specialty services. They also are not good for y our families health because they will bite through the night while you are sleeping. The other problem is that they are hard to find and can be hiding through the house. The most common area that bed bugs are found are on your mattresses. That does not mean that they cannot be found in other areas.
A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines some uncommon places bed bugs might be hiding to help you detect them earlier rather than later.

Bed Bugs Can Live in Stuffed Animals

When it comes to bed bugs they are a pest that is hard to handle. They can start to procreate quickly and they can become a huge infestation in a short amount of time. The other problem is that they are able to stay hidden in the day and only come out at night. This means that you may not even realize they are there. If you have a concern that bed bugs have made it into your home you want to inspect all areas that they can be found. Of course the mattress is the main area but that is not the only area. You need to make sure that you check the stuffed animals that are on your kids bed as well as the ones that are just in the room. They can be hiding in the stuffed animals and go completely unnoticed.

Can Bed Bugs Get in Your Purse?

One of the areas that you might not realize that you should be cautious of is your purse. You can probably dig in your purse and notice that you can find just about anything. Most woman have a plethora of things that can be found in their purse from snacks to tissue. What you don’t want to find are bed bugs but they can be found hiding in the seams of your purse. You set your purse on the floor, next to the couch and on tables that might have bed bugs on them. They can attach to your purse and you can carry them straight to your house. You want to be careful when you are out about where you place your purse.

Bed Bugs Can Live in Electrical Outlets & Light Switches

The reality is that bed bugs want to stay away from the light and away from people. That does not mean that there is not something about electricity that entices them over. Many times bed bugs are found congregating around outlets and fluorescent lights. They are attracted to the electricity and that is why these area should be checked when you are having trouble with bed bugs.

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