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When it comes to fleas most people turn their concerns toward their pets. Many will protect their pets from fleas by using flea collars, baths, and other controlling methods. However, pets aren’t the only ones affected by fleas. Humans can also harbor fleas and one species in particular is the Human Flea. This flea does in fact infest humans. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control would like to share some things about human fleas and their symptoms when one becomes infested with this pest.

Human Flea Identification

Most human fleas look very similar to other fleas. It is not until they are examined under a microscope that each species can be told apart. Humans fleas are most often transferred in tight condense areas such as buses, cars, trains or buildings that are filled with people. Fleas are like hitchhikers, jumping from one host to the next. When a flea infests a person they can be found in hair, underarms, and other similar areas. For those with good hygiene practices, human flea exposure is greatly reduced and is then rare when a person becomes infested by Human Fleas. When people do become infested by fleas, it is sometimes mistaken for an infestation of lice. Many will attempt to use lice treatments. However fleas are far different than lice.

Flea Bites on Humans

Fleas prefer to feed on blood and will infest pets and people. Along with the need for blood, they like warm places that provide them shelter which is why they often are found in hair. The main reason why pets are more affected than are humans today is because we frequently bathe and wash our hair. In contrast, our pets only get bathed every few weeks or even months. When a person does become infested by fleas, either through bad hygiene, or because of contact with another person who is infested with fleas, they share the same symptoms.

Human Flea Bite Symptoms

Itchiness – A flea bite is extremely itchy. This is due to the flea’s saliva that was injected into their victim when they bit them. To help soothe the itching, a person can use Aloe Vera.
Red Swelling – Often the bites from a flea will look red and begin to swell, even shortly after being bitten.
Itchy Spots – Fleas don’t run around, they actually jump or hop. As they hop from place to place you may feel like you have an itch. Often fleas will hop down to the legs and feet and make them itchier than normal.
Hypersensitivity – Some people may have hypersensitivity to a flea bite especially after scratching a bite. The area may become very sore and very sensitive to the touch.
Tiny Wounds – After scratching at a flea bite, it’s not uncommon to develop some wounds. These wounds can also develop a secondary infection if the person continues to scratch at the bite. Again, avoid scratching a flea bite and use Aloe Vera to help stop the itching.

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There are a number of products that can treat humans with fleas. After treating them you will want to prevent future infestations. The best way to prevent fleas is through good hygiene along with professional pest control methods. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control can help protect you and your home from the fleas that are known to spread illnesses and disease. If you need help treating your home for fleas, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control today.

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