How to Tell if You Have Mice in Your Walls in Timberwood Park, TX; Mouse Sounds, Droppings & More

When you are trying to keep pests out of your house you want to make sure you know what to look for. There are some pests that when they get inside, will spread bacteria and disease as well as cause expensive property damages. Fortunately, there are signs you can look for and when you start to notice them you want to act right away. One of the pests you might end up seeing in your house are mice. They are a pest that brings with them all sorts of unwanted trouble. They are known to carry disease that can be transferred to you and your family. They also contaminate food and food preparation areas as well as cause damage to insulation, electrical wires and other materials in your house. Lastly they can cause you to have trouble with allergies and asthma. It is a good idea to recognize the signs they are starting to get in your house. When the weather starts to cool down the mice start to look for shelter and become a bigger problem. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control outlines what signs to look for when mice start to invade your house.

Mice Scratching Sounds at Night

The hard part about knowing if there are mice in your house is that they don’t usually let you see them. They won’t start running around the house and sitting on your furniture announcing their presence. That is why you need to use your hearing to recognize that they have made their way in the house. The mice will be active and noisy and this is usually when you are quiet or at night. They want to stay away from you just as much as you want to be away from them. They are likely hiding behind the walls, in the attic and behind the cabinets. You can start to hear them scurrying around and scratching behind the walls. If you are hearing these sounds you want to make sure you call out a professional right away because it means that they are starting to nest.

Mouse Droppings

You also can look for signs of mice when you see their droppings left around the house. They can be left along the edges of the rooms and in the cabinets and drawers they are using to find food. The droppings are usually a dark brown to black looking color and have a pellet shape that is oval. If you are seeing droppings around your house you want to make sure that you recognize them and call out a professional. The feces and urine that mice leave around your house can be dangerous so it is important to clean them up right away.

Mice Bite Marks

The mice that are coming in your house are looking for a few things. They need to find shelter but in order to stay they need to have access to food. They are able to get into cardboard containers, boxes and bags full of food. If you start to notice that there are chew marks you want to make sure that you remove that food and toss it out. It can be contaminated and is not okay to eat. You also want to have the mice removed from the house and keep your foods sealed up tightly in rodent proof containers.

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