How to Scare Away & Get Digging Nine-Banded Armadillos Out of Your Yard in Selma, TX

Armadillos are barrel-shaped animals that are covered with natural armor. The Spanish translation of armadillo is “little armored one”. This armor works to protect them from most predators but not so much with cars. They are also known as “Hillbilly Speed Bumps” because they often get run over by vehicles. The nine-banded armadillo was designated as the official state small mammal of Texas in 1995 and is the only species of armadillo that we find in North America.

Nine-Banded Armadillo Identification

Armadillos are about the size of a small dog. Their armor is made up of overlapping plates that cover their back, head, legs and tail. The nine-banded armadillo is brown and gray in color with yellowish white hairs. They are similar to anteaters in that they have a long pointy snout with sticky tongues. They don’t have very good eyesight and use their highly developed sense of smell to hunt. They will feel their way along the ground with their wiry hairs along the sides of their body and they will dig holes with strong legs and sharp claws. Armadillos are omnivores which means they eat meat and plants but about 90 percent of their diet consists of insects and larvae. Their long, sticky tongue comes in handy for catching beetles, ants, termites and other insects they discover after digging into the ground.

Are Armadillos Pests When Found Digging in Your Yard

For the most part, armadillos don’t cause problems for people, but they can become pests if they start digging up your property when they look for food. This can be very frustrating. So how can you get keep them away?

How to Scare Away & Deter Armadillos

The best way to keep armadillos away is to use a combination of methods. Make sure you have a fence that extends well below the ground, at least a foot or more to keep them from digging under it. There are models of ultrasonic deterrent devices that may be effective at keeping them away. You can also make any area they will dig in less attractive to them by making it smell bad because they have sensitive noses. Try anything with a strong, noxious odor to keep them away. Many armadillos do not like the smell of pine needles, pine mulch and mothballs. These can be an effective way to keep your property free of holes. If you have found one on your property and would like it gone you can hire a professional to trap them.

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A professional pest control company that offers wildlife control and removal such as A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will usually place traps in areas along the fence or a wall, on well-travelled paths and above the entrance of a burrow. Once trapped, we will release the armadillo far away from your property. It is also important that once the armadillos have been successfully relocated, all burrows must be checked to ensure they are empty and then filled with gravel. If all your efforts to keep armadillos out of your yard have failed, call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to come up with a plan to remove them and keep them away.

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