How to Repel & Get Rid of Fox, Gray & Flying Squirrels in Timberwood Park, TX

There are dozens of species of squirrels that live the in state of Texas. Out of all the different species of squirrels that live in this state, our homes and commercial buildings are regularly invaded by the three species of squirrels. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will expose this pesky little critter and how you can better prevent their intrusion into your home or commercial structures.

Fox Squirrels

One of the most common species of tree squirrels is the Fox Squirrel. They are often found in the high branches of treetops and will use these great heights to gain access to home or other structures and buildings by way of roof or attic ventilation. They are easily identified with their brownish-gray top coat, their distinctive orange under belly, and their long bushy tails. They grow anywhere from 18 to 27 inches long including their tail. The Fox squirrel can be found all over the state of Texas but are most heavily populated in the central and eastern parts of Texas.

Gray Squirrel

The Gray Squirrels are mostly seen through the eastern areas of Texas and unlike some species of squirrel, the Gray Squirrels are social and stick together in social groups. Often when they invade buildings they will be in pairs or even groups. The Gray squirrel is sometimes also called a cat squirrel due to its soft clean coat. They are gray with a white under belly. Their tale is about 10 inches long which makes them around 20 inches in length all together. The Gray squirrels are often found nesting in attic spaces and climbing down chimneys and other passageways large enough for them to get into.

Flying Squirrels

These little guys are often found either climbing or gliding into homes and can be rather difficult to catch. However, the Flying Squirrels are mostly nocturnal and normally, they aren’t the most common wildlife pest that is found in the home. Nevertheless, from time to time they occasionally are found gliding around homes and buildings and accidentally find themselves wandering into them. This happens especially if they are in pursuit of a meal. The Flying Squirrel is one of the smallest squirrel species found in Texas. They have webbed skin that is used to glide around. They are brownish tan in color with a white under belly. Their tails are not curled like most squirrel species. You can their tails are short and flat during flights.

Squirrel Prevention

All squirrel species are great and quick climbers that are commonly found nesting or living in attic spaces or roof tops. They will chew holes to make their nest and to create passage ways for traveling around. They can be both a disturbance as well as destructive. To help prevent squirrels from becoming a problem in your home, you will want to prune back nearby tree branches that can be used to get into your home or roof. Seal and repair any large cracks in your home that the squirrels will be able to use as an entrance. Additionally, make sure that your attic vents and chimneys or large openings that are typically used for some sort of ventilation is covered with a metal mesh screen. Another beneficial practice is keeping your yard groomed and free of debris. You’ll also want to avoid leaving out anything that squirrels can use for food.

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