How to Protect Clothes from Silverfish & Other Insects in Converse, TX; What Repels Bugs?

Here at A Five Star Termite & Pest Control, our clients call us to help keep their homes free of bugs and rodents. As we talk to them about their concerns, they most commonly tell us that they are worried about keeping their homes and yards as bug free as possible. Not very often do we hear that people are concerned about their closets being an area that they are worried about. Hopefully your closet has not become infested with bugs but if it has you know how frustrating this can be. Today we are going to talk about how you can work on keeping your clothes bug free so that this problem never arises.

Does a Clean Room Keep Bugs Away?

The most helpful thing that you can do to keep bugs out of your closet is keep your closet nice and clean. This tip applies to your clothes as well as the closet area in general. Your goal should be to have your closets and drawers clean and dry at all times. Bugs like to breed in areas that are moist. You can deter them from breeding in your closet simply by making sure that all of your clothes are completely dry before you put them in your closet or dresser. In addition to moist areas, bugs also like dirty areas. If you have dirty clothes in your closet the bugs will feed on the stains on your clothing. Simply washing them after you wear them will help with this problem. Keeping your closet and dressers nice and tidy is also important because bugs are less likely to be enticed to live in clean areas. They are extremely likely to build their homes in areas where large piles of laundry are sitting.

Breathable Garment Bags Keep Moths & Pests Away

Most people have certain items in their closet that they keep in garment bags. Some items we simply do not wear that often so a garment bag is necessary. Other items are made of specialty material that needs to be covered when not worn. Many bugs like to eat away at some of these more expensive fabrics. Storing them prevents them from happening. We recommend that you use breathable garment bags instead of the cheaper all plastic ones.

Does Cedar & Lavender Repel Bugs?

You may have heard that using cedar and lavender can help repel bugs in your closet. This is indeed true. Unfortunately many people do not know how to properly use cedar and lavender. Cedar and lavender need to be in tightly sealed storage areas to function properly. For best results closets or dressers that you are using cedar or lavender in should be kept closed and rarely opened. When used properly the cedar and lavender will keep the bugs away from these special items.

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The last tip that we have to keep your clothes bug free is to have your home sprayed for bugs on a routine basis. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers pest control services that will meet all your needs. Give us a call today and we set up a plan that will help keep your clothes and the rest of your house bug free.

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