How to Prevent Ticks & Dangerous Tick Bites in Your House & Yard in Live Oak, TX

We all are excited for the summer to hit. This is the time of year that you get outside and enjoy nature while it is warm and sunny. The problem is that many people will be in areas that are swarming with all kinds of pests. Most of them are happy to move out of your way and avoid you if at all possible. The sad part is that there are lots of pests that view you as their target and will catch a ride or a bite when you come across them. One of these pests that pose a problem are ticks. People seem to think they are problem for your dog only but they are just as likely to latch onto a person. They are in search of a blood meal and that means anything with a heartbeat is at risk. Dogs are usually the ones that invade the space of a tick but if you walk around outside you can be their victim as well. You want to make sure you do what you can to avoid being bitten by ticks and there are some easy to follow tips.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Lists Tips to Stop Ticks From Biting You

How to Avoid Ticks: If you want to do something to keep ticks off you then knowing where the sun is can help. Ticks that are in the nymph stages are not equipped to be without some level of moisture. They can actually live as long as the moisture in the air or humidity is high enough and avoid the sunlight. That is why the sun is your best friend when you are out in nature. It is a great idea to avoid the shady spots of your hike and do your best to stay in the sunlight.
Remove Plants that Attract Wildlife: You might think that you only will come across ticks when you are out in the woods. They are often found out in the woods but they can be right around your home as well. You want to do what you can to keep them away from your yard and your property. The best way to do that is to take out plants that are attracting wildlife. Deer and other wildlife are carrying the ticks on their body and can leave them along your yard. Keep these plants out of your yard and remove debris that they nymphs can hide in.
Use Professional Tick Pest Control: You also want to make sure that you are using a pest control service that has expertise in dealing with ticks. They are a pest that need specialized treatments so you want to use a company that has the right equipment. The reason that is it so important to combat ticks is because the bites can be annoying but more than that they can spread disease. Diseases from ticks such as Lyme Disease is hard to treat and can cause health concerns for years before you are able to get a handle on it.

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