How to Prevent Termites Swarming in Your Macdona, TX House this Spring; Termite Inspection & More

We know that the weather will slowly change from the cold frigid days of winter to much more tolerable temperatures of spring. With that change comes how we live our life. Many people will start to use the outdoor space more, open windows to air out the stuffy winter air and more outdoor sports and other activities. These are all great ways to enjoy the new warmer weather but what you need to be cautious of is what other beings like the warm weather as well. Termites are some of the pests that the spring weather wakes up. You want to be sure that you are prepared when there is a problem with termites so you are not trying to clean up a mess after the fact. Taking some time to prepare for what is coming can help you save money and time in repairs to your home. The spring weather is the time of year that termites that have been born are out swarming. This is when they fly as a group around looking for a place to call home. This can be anything that has what they need to survive. You can prepare your home so that when the termites swarm they are more likely skip your house.

A Five Star Termite & Pest Control Offers Tips on Preparing Your Home for Upcoming Termite Swarms

Check Exposed Wood for Termites: One of the top food choices of a termite colony happens to be exposed wood. They will also eat other fibrous materials that could be other plant and organic material as well but wood is the number one choice. The first way you can help to protect your home from a termite swarm is to have your home checked for areas that have exposed wood. They only need a small opening to get started and then they will leak into the rest of the home. You can check under the home along the outside edge, at the roof line the eaves of the house as well. These often will have exposed wood that can be sealed or painted to cover them. Also be sure that if you have a wood pile around your home for fires, you keep it covered and away from your home. Keeping the wood and other debris from being too close to your home can keep the termites away from the house.
Keep Moisture to a Minimum to Prevent Termites: When it comes to termites they also need to have access to moisture so that they can digest the wood that they are eating day in and out. You need to be sure that you remove any areas that have debris as well as moisture. This is especially true when it is any organic pile. You can make sure that your home is able to drain any water or moisture away from the houses structure.
Call for a Termite Inspection: If you happen to see a swarm that is flying past your home you need to call out a professional termite control right away. The termites will start to swarm and fly by in a huge colony. You may not think they stopped at your house but you still need to have an inspection done to be sure.

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