How to Prevent Termites in Your San Antonio, TX Home; Check Roof, Put Down Termite Barrier, Inspect Wood & More

Termite damage is a serious issue that should be considered by every homeowner in Greater San Antonio, Texas. Termites cost billions of dollars a year in structural damages, and can cause a great amount of property damage within just a few months. They can completely wipe out a home in two years if left unchecked and undetected. It is never too soon to take action against these pests. Protecting your home from future invasion is much better than repairing thousands of dollars of damage after they have already made themselves at home inside your home’s structure. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will help you evaluate your home’s potential of having a termite invasion and what you can do to prevent their intrusion.

Termites Eat Cellulose on Wood

Termites main source of food is cellulose, which is one of the most organic compounds in the cell wall of plants. Cellulose is also found on the lumber used to build a home’s framing. This means any house can become a buffet to a termite colony. Termites can strike at any time of the year. However, early spring will pose the greatest threat. Early spring is when winged termites leave their colonies to mate and start a new colony which could be your home. That is why now, during the late winter season, is a great time to prepare to protect your home from a termite invasion. Termites have many ways of entering a home. You will need to start outside and work your way in as you begin your termite prevention program.

How to Prevent Termites

Examine your roof for broken tile. This will create moisture that winged termites will find irresistible. Start by checking the area for moisture damage and you may need to repair it. Cracked or broken tile should also be replaced to prevent roof access to termites.
– Ground Air Conditioning units make moisture that will draw in termites. Make sure the A/C vents are releasing moisture away from the home’s foundation and that nothing is blocking the vents.
– Attics are the number one place for termites to begin their colonies. Exposed wooden beams in attic spaces make them an easy target. Regularly check your attic for termite activity and if any damages are found, contact a termite pest control company right away.
– Cardboard boxes or storage containers filled with photographs or paper also serves as a great meal for termites. If you are storing photos or documents, avoid using cardboard boxes for storage. Use plastic containers that seal properly instead, especially if you’re storing anything in garages or attic spaces.
– The living room often creates much risk. Homes with wooden floor boards, wooden skirting boards and wooden furniture make a great meal for termites. If you’re replacing your floor boards make sure you put down a termite barrier. If you have either wooden floor boards or skirting boards, inspect them for termite activity. You can press against the boards and see if they’re soft and pliable. This is a bad sign of termite activity.
Keep wooden furniture away from the walls where termites can feed unnoticed. You may want to eventually exchange them for metal based furniture.
Bathroom or kitchen cabinets will need to be inspected and sealed every few years to protect it from moisture damage. This will release a scent that tells termites there is food nearby. Leaky pipes should also be fixed right away to prevent moisture damage.
– Finally your yards will need attention. Trees or tree stumps, firewood stacks, decks and patios, mulch and any other wooden item outside are a feast for termites. Often outside is where termites like to start their colonies and eventually they will eat everything until your house is the next and closest food sources. You must clear away unwanted wood and plant matter, and keep a watchful eye on yard health. Any sign of illness or even death of a tree could bring termites, if not already present.

Termite Inspections, Prevention, Control, Treatment & Removal in Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Texas

Unless you clear everything out and have a yard consisting of rock and fake plants, your yard will always be at risk. Your best bet is to remove any dead plants and keep dried wood out of your yard. Decks and patios will need to be inspected regularly and resealed as needed. If you find any termite activity in your home or yard, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control and we will be there to help you protect your home and keep it free of these destructive pests!

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