How to Prevent Mosquito Bites in Your Sandy Oaks, TX Home & Yard; Fogging Barrier Spray, Repellent & More

We are in the height of the summer months, and here in Texas, mosquitoes are everywhere. It is hard to enjoy the outdoors even in your own backyard with mosquitoes flying around just waiting for a host. Mosquito bites are very itchy, and as many well know, mosquitoes can harbor deadly viruses. When going outside or even keeping mosquitoes out of your home it is important to take proper action. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control will share a few tips on preventing mosquitoes on your property.

Stop Mosquitoes Breeding By Removing Standing Water

There are many species of mosquitoes found throughout California. Due to our climate mosquitoes can be active all year long and most particularly along the warmer coast. To help prevent mosquitoes around your home and in your yard you must reduce the population. Mosquitoes are drawn to water and require standing water to reproduce. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water where they undergo metamorphism. Without water, mosquitoes cannot reproduce. To help reduce the amount of mosquitoes around your home, remove all standing water. This may include removing bird bath, ponds, or clutter. Certain types of clutter can collect water when it rains or when the sprinklers are on. For those with ponds you don’t necessarily have to remove them. However, consider getting fish that eat mosquitoes and their eggs or use some kind of water treatment such as mosquito dunks. When trying to reduce mosquitoes, removing all sources of standing water is essential. Additionally, keep yard debris cleaned and lawn cut down as mosquitoes also love hiding in the tall grass and yard debris.

Mosquito Barrier Spray & Repellent

When you need to repel mosquitoes outside your home there are a few tactics you can take. One is to replace all of your exterior light bulbs with a yellow light. Other colored light bulbs draw them closer to your home. Yellow light doesn’t seem to have this effect. When spending time outside you can use a DEET-based repellent which will help keep mosquitoes away from 4 to 6 hours. When outside you can treat clothing and outdoor material with a repellent that contains permerthrin. It washes out easily and keeps mosquitoes away. You can also hang mosquito traps outside your home to help trap and kill those that do venture towards your home. To keep mosquitoes out of your home make sure the window screens are in good condition. Additionally, to keep mosquitoes out, the window screens should be either a 16 to 18 mesh material.

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If mosquitoes become a major problem inside your home or around your yard, and you find you need help, contact the professionals. Pest control services can set up mosquito traps and fogging control barriers around your home. Additionally, the pest control technician can also look for reasons as to why mosquitoes are thriving near your home and what you can do to help control and reduce mosquito population. If you have mosquitoes or other pest problems and a need a quality pest control service, contact A Five Star Termite & Pest Control and schedule our services today!

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