How to Prevent & Control Snakes in Your San Antonio, TX House & Garden; Remove Clutter from Yard, Seal Buildings & More

Snakes can be beneficial as they eat slugs, grubs, mice, insects and other pests but they can be unnerving to have around. Most species of snakes in North America are harmless but there are some that can pose a risk to people and pets. Unlike other wild animals, snakes do not hibernate in the winter. Rather they stay close to home and brumate. This is a process where they burrow underground and slow down their metabolic rate until the temperature warms up. Many snakes can be seen around San Antonio, TX on a warm day, basking in the sun; even in our December winters. For the most part, snakes are shy and don’t want anything to do with us. There are ways to keep them away that will pose unnecessary risk to you, your family and your pets.

Snake Control Services

Snakes like to hide under scrap metal, trash, wood piles and other debris. Make sure your yard is kept up to eliminate hiding places. This includes tall weeds and grass that may be hiding spots for snake prey. There are chemical snake repellents that you can purchase to keep snakes away but they may pose a risk to people and pets if they aren’t used properly. Be sure to read all directions before using them. Snakes will come into contact with people in search of food and shelter. Do your best to make your yard and home less appealing to them by removing rodents from your home, not leaving pet food outside and storing it in tight containers. Because snakes like to hide in cool damp places it’s a good idea to seal off any entry points to your basement or crawlspace that are larger than ¼ inch in diameter. Check your doors and windows for tight fitting door sweeps and screens. Galvanized steel should be used on any drains and vents that lead into your home. Fill or cover up entrances to rodent burrows, as they might attract snakes. If snakes are making their way into the house, then you can get mechanical traps or glue traps to capture them. If these methods don’t work or you want a little extra protection you can consider installing a snake proof fence around your yard. Made of fine mesh 24-46 inches high or buries several inches in the ground will be effective. For more immediate assistance, you can call A Five Star Termite & Pest Control to remove them!

Snake Appearance & Behavior

Snakes can range from 4 inches to 23+ feet in length and will vary depending on the species. Colors range from reds, greens or yellows, to dark brown or black and some will have stripes or patterns. Venomous snakes have sharp, hollow fangs that will pierce the skin to inject venom. When the snake isn’t using its fangs they stay tucked back in the mouth. Non-venomous snakes will use constriction to subdue prey. They will bite and then quickly wrap themselves around their victim to apply pressure until the prey suffocates. Prey is always consumed whole regardless of the kill method used. You should never handle snakes, unless you know what kind it is as some are dangerous. If you are unsure you should take the steps you would as if it was – they will bite if they feel harassed. Take a picture to help determine what you’re dealing with – the internet is a good resource to use with identification or you can contact a professional pest control company that are knowledgeable about local snake species such as A Five Star Termite & Pest Control.

Snake Prevention, Control & Removal in Cibolo, Universal City, New Braunfels, San Antonio, Texas

Fear of snakes will have people afraid to leave their homes and go to bed. Changing our habits will make snakes change theirs. Seeing snakes in your home or on your property means that your home has favorable conditions for them. Contact Five Star Termite & Pest Control if think you might be having issues with snakes. We will remove them promptly and consult with you on future snake prevention.

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