How to Not Get Stung By a Scorpion & Treatment for Stings in Live Oak, TX; Keep Scorpions Out of Shoes & More

While scorpions are one of the creepiest looking arachnids, most of them aren’t actually deadly. Their sting can carry a punch and leave you in pain, but you at least don’t have to worry about death. That is, unless you get stung by a bark scorpion. In any case, we doubt there are many people looking to get stung by a scorpion. And if you don’t know which kind of scorpion has just stung you, you may be trying to decide what you should do about this painful situation. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control is here to talk about scorpion stings and how you can not only treat them, but avoid them all together.

How to Avoid Scorpion Stings

For the residents of Greater San Antonio, Texas, you have to always be looking for scorpions to avoid getting stung. Following are our best tips to avoid a run in with scorpions.
– Always Wear Shoes: This tip is a must; especially if you are walking around in the dark. The next time you are going to run out to the car really quick after dark, you better get something on your feet.
– Shake Out Shoes to Check if Scorpions are Hiding: You should never put shoes on that you have left outside or down in your basement without shaking them out as scorpions may decide to hide out in them.
– Check the Bed for Scorpions: If your bed sits flush with the wall, scorpions may be hiding along the edges of it. Pulling your bed slightly away from the wall will help keep this problem from happening.
– Wear Gloves when Gardening to Avoid Scorpion Stings: Before you get started in your garden, you may want to put some gloves on. When moving around tree limbs, rocks or other debris found in gardens there are sometimes scorpions hiding about in it. Just be cautious.

Scorpion Sting Treatment

In the unfortunate event that you find you have been stung by a scorpion, don’t panic. Like mentioned above, most of them aren’t deadly. Following are some tips to help you get rid of the pain.
– Clean the wound with some mild soap and water.
– Applying a cold compress to the site of the sting may help to reduce pain as well as swelling.
– Don’t eat or drink of you are having trouble swallowing or feel like you throat is swelling as this could be sign of allergic reaction taking place.
– Take over the counter pain killers to help reduce pain.

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