How to Keeps Pests Out When You Bring in Your Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Décor in Converse, TX

The holiday season is here which also means that many people are bringing in their decorations to give their home that holiday feeling. The problem when you do that is that pests can come in too! Do you want to have twinkling lights and spiders, or snowmen and cockroaches? These are all problems that you might come across this holiday season if you are not careful when you decorate your home. There are some tips and tricks that you can use to keep your home from being infested with pests while you are celebrating this festive season. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control offers helpful tips to keep pests out of your home as you bring in your holiday decorations this year.

Why are Pests a Problem During Thanksgiving & Christmas Holiday Decorating?

One of the biggest problems is where you keep your holiday decorations during the off season. When you pack them up at the end of the holiday season you place them all in boxes and bins and put them in the attic, garage or another storage space that is not accessed regularly. These are the areas of any home that usually has the least amount of activity and that is great for pests. Pests will live in these areas all year long and your boxes and bins are the perfect nesting spots. Pests are happy living in these spaces then when the holidays arrive you grab the bins and boxes and take them into the house. When this happens the pests get pulled out and off they scamper to hide in your home. This is how a pest infestation can start and by the time you get to it you might just have a larger problem then you think.

Lay Out Holiday Decorations Outside Before Bringing Them In

When you are ready to pull out your decorations and get your tree set up be sure that you give the decorations some air. The best thing you can do is to take the boxes and bins out of the house and lay out what you can on tables. If you allow the items to sit out for several hours in the fresh air the pests will often get off the items and find somewhere new to hide. This will decrease the pests that might make it in the home. This is also true even if you are getting a fresh cut tree from a lot. They are often cut from outdoors and housed together until you grab one and bring it home. They are known to have pests such as beetles, spiders and cockroaches nesting in the tree. When you get it home, leave it on the porch to air out for several hours before bringing it in the house.

Have Home Sprayed for Pests

Lastly you want to be sure that your home has been treated by a professional pest control company on a regular basis. That way if you are unlucky enough to have pests get in with your décor they won’t last long. The treatment should be good to cover pests that end up making it in your home all year long.

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