How to Keep Wildlife Out of Your House this Winter in Redwood, TX; Remove Clutter & Food, Seal Trash Cans & More

As the weather starts to shift outside there are lots of changes that are happening around you. The weather calls out some of the wildlife and other critters that might have not been an issue when it was warmer. The cold weather means that they are looking for warm spot to cozy up just like we are. They also are looking for some free food if they can find it. There are lots of things that are needed if you want to keep these pesky wildlife out of your space and where they belong. The best thing that you can do is try to prevent an issue before it starts. This is the best way to keep your family safe and protected from the issues that come with wildlife in your house. A Five Star Termite & Pest Control lists things that you can do to keep wildlife out of your house.

Wild Animals Hide in Clutter

One of the things that you want to make sure you tackle first is to stop playing hide and seek with wildlife. You might be thinking that you don’t interact with them and you don’t call them for a friendly game. This does not mean that you don’t need to make some adjustments. One of the things that wildlife is looking for are places that they can go and hide and stay out of the main stream of living. This is why you want to go around your house and garage and remove as much clutter as you can. The clutter might be things such as boxes, bags, bins and even equipment that is making small spaces that a raccoon, possum or squirrel might be able to use as a home. You want to find ways to clear out clutter that might be a place for them to start to nest.

Food Attracts Wildlife Pests

Are you wondering if you are leaving a nice meal out for wildlife and other critters around your house then you should take a deeper look. The problem is that there are lots of people that feed their house pets like dogs and cats outdoors. They might fill up the bowl and the water dish and leave it there even overnight. This is a great opportunity to draw in all kinds of wildlife that are happy to get a meal from your house. You want to make sure that you do not leave any food outside from feeding pets or even store it out there as well.

Seal Cans to Keep Wildlife Away from Trash

There are some wildlife that are smart enough to get in your trash and take what they can find. That is why it is important to have your trash in a secure spot. This means you may need to have lids that close down properly or that latch so that they are not able to tip the trash over and get inside. It is also best to practice putting all trash in a bag that can then be sealed before it is left in the can.

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